Action, Casual, Indie
Help Zobillie reach the legendary meat farm. A long road ahead: a 90 complex levels full of puzzles and traps.
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Offer will be valid for another 17 hours
Help Zobillie reach the legendary meat farm. A long road ahead: a 90 complex levels full of puzzles and traps.
buy 4.99$
Offer will be valid for another 17 hours
Release Date29 апреля 2016 г.
DevelopersForever Entertainment S. A.
PublishersForever Entertainment S. A.
OSMac, Linux, Windows
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Single-playerSteam AchievementsFull controller supportSteam Trading CardsSteam CloudSteam Leaderboards

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Updated 17.04.2024
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Screenshot №1 from game Zombillie
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  • OS: OSX 10
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: nVidia 320M or higher, or Radeon 7000 or higher, or Intel HD 3000 or higher
  • Storage: 1 GB available space

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The world has changed. Irrevocably and completely. Green parks have been replaced by grey ruins. Colourful meadows have become toxic swamps. Once vibrant lands are now littered with dust, rubble, concrete, and debris.

Most creatures did not survive the Great Change. The survivors faired rather poorly in the immediate aftermath, becoming prey to all manner of predator. However, a lucky few managed to survive even then, to adapt, to thrive, to evolve. Zombillie was one such creature.

Zombillie lived a comfortable life in his humble cave, hunting for meat, and as he hunted, he grew, and grew, and grew. Everything was going relatively well for Zombillie, except for one problem: Zombillie didn't have enough meat!

Help Zombillie reach the legendary meat farm! A long road lies ahead: 90 complex levels full of puzzles and traps. So stand on your feet - all 100 of them - and just ride!


- Almost 100 challenging levels

- 3 completely different environments

- Lots of power-ups & gadgets to find

- Various levels

- 2 additional types of mini-games

- Addictive gameplay

Screenshot №1 from game ZombillieScreenshot №2 from game ZombillieScreenshot №3 from game Zombillie

Reviews about the game


Despite the nice looks and the solid advance in the time-tested idea behind this I don't recommend it, it could ruin your nerves with frustration for no good reason. It's a zombie centipede 'snake' puzzle game of traversing labyrinths the optimal way, basically the clone of 'Millie' game by the same devs. It's intended for gamepad play but you can use keyboard as well. The problem resides in those controls department - I had a really hard time trying to push buttons in time to turn precisely where I wanted to, so the goal of the game and the thinking part start to kinda vanish behind this struggle - the damn zombillie wouldn't give you one spare moment before she bumps herself in the arse for gameover, and the buttons are either too unresponsive, or that's me who couldn't seem to concentrate enough (excuse me, I inconsiderately wanted to have some fun here). Несмотря на милый вид и неплохо проработанную проверенную временем идею, я не стану рекомендовать, так как вы можете расстроить свои нервы на почве данной игры без особых на то причин. Это головоломка "змейка" про сороконожку-зомби, которую следует провести оптимальными путями по лабиринтам, в общем клон игры "Милли" от тех же разрабов. Задумана для джойстика, но можно управлять с клавиатуры. Проблема лежит как раз в области управления - у меня возникли серьезные проблемы с тем, чтобы вовремя нажимать на кнопки и сворачивать туда, куда хочется, так что цель игры и мыслительная часть как бы уходят на задний план - сраная зомбиножка не даст вам лишнего мгновения перед тем как врезаться себе в жопу и проиграть, а кнопки такие неотзывчивые... то ли это я не сконцентрировался должным образом (ну простите, я всего лишь хотел развлечься).

Endless Sawfish
Endless Sawfish
I don't recommend

[h1]INTRODUCTION[/h1] Zombillie is one of the cheaper titles that I purchased during the 2016/17 Steam Winter sale. I have enjoyed several of Forever Entertainment S.A.’s games in the past. Among these are the Teddy Floppy Ear games and the Frederic music titles. Although these games never feature tremendously high production value they are generally lower-priced indie games that are high on entertainment. Therefore, I was hoping for a title that would be something a little more than just a trading card idle game. [h1]HOPES[/h1] Having previously played Millie, another of Forever Entertainment’s games, I knew to expect a combination of the classics Snake, Centipede and other casual arcade games. Only this time the game had been skinned with the overdone and outplayed zombie stylings. Therefore, I had somewhat basic hopes for Zombillie before playing. I anticipated a simple, well-designed puzzler with smooth controls and challenging gameplay. I suspected that the game would be able to hold my attention for about an hour while I went on an achievement hunt. [h1]IMPRESSIONS[/h1] [h1]GAMEPLAY[/h1] Unfortunately, the expectations that I held for the gameplay failed to materialize to the level that I had hoped. Although the game has been designed for full controller support keyboard play is also enabled. Having spent time with both I found the keyboard the better of the two options. However, both have similar issues. I found that inputs weren’t as responsive as what I would have liked. This was more glaring when using my Xbox One controller than it was in using the keyboard but neither solution was quite satisfactory. The problem with this issue is that the game requires accurate input to be played at its maximum effectiveness. Having read through other reviews and discussions on the game I have found this to be a relatively common complaint. Therefore, this issue tends to take away from the overall gaming experience. I found the queues at the beginning of each levels a little too easy to skip. This information is important in educating the player with the necessary information at the beginning of each level. These do not repeat if you accidentally click through them by trying to restart the level. This was a minor source of aggravation. [h1]PRESENTATION[/h1] As has been traditionally the case with Forever Entertainment’s games you’re looking at lower production values. The production values of the game are almost always most apparent in the presentation. Zombillie wouldn’t have looked out of place with games released a decade or more ago. Therefore, players can expect to find a simple presentation package in regards to both graphics and sound. These are passable for the game at hand, however, there is nothing within the entire presentation package that will be the least bit memorable after you complete the game. In fact, in a number of ways the presentation values of Zombillie really do nothing to persuade gamers to think any differently of cheap zombie skinned games. [h1]REDEEMING FEATURES[/h1] I have levied more criticism upon the game than it arguably deserves. For the cost of the game, especially when purchased at the discount price that I paid for it ($0.49 at 90% off), you shouldn’t be expecting very much. There is a significant amount of content that will delight completionists. There are almost 100 levels available to be played across 3 completely different environments and there are an additional 2 types of mini-games. This does keep the content relatively fresh and rewarding. The game contains a significant amount of content. There are almost 100 levels available to be played across 3 completely different environments and there are an additional 2 types of mini-games. Furthermore, there is an in-game store where players can cash in their in-game collectibles for bonuses and tools that will help you progress throughout the game. [h1]STEAM FEATURES[/h1] Forever Entertainment have always had a reasonable grasp on what their playerbase wants in a Steam game. There is a good set of five Steam trading cards along with 16 Steam achievements. The game utilizes the Steam cloud and leaderboard system and as mentioned previously also offers full controller support. In this respect, the way it utilizes the advantages of Steam’s available feature list is relatively impressive for a low tiered indie title. Such utilization does nothing but encourage players to purchase games when on sale and as such these practices are to be commended. [h1]VERDICT[/h1] Given the price that I paid for the game ($0.49 at 90% off) I’m not disappointed. The fact is that at this price point anything close to an hour’s worth of play is reasonable value. If you’re the type of gamer who purchases cheap trading card games to sell on the cards, you would have found the game to be a bargain at this price point. However, I would urge you not to purchase the game without it being on sale. The game really doesn’t have enough quality content nor smooth enough gameplay to justify a $4.99 price tag. I suspect that Forever Entertainment would understand this and given the regular discount intervals for the game may even agree. I would argue that games such as Zombillie are made especially for sales and bundles where any reasonable amount of income for the developer-publisher is a win-win situation. If you’re interested in cheap arcade puzzler’s and the game is on sale, then I would recommend a purchase. You’ll more than likely get your monies worth in this scenario. [h1]INTRODUCING GAMEPHASIS[/h1] [url=]Gamephasis[/url] is a new gaming website featuring a talented globally based writing team. Gamephasis will feature news, reviews, giveaways and much more. Please visit us and join our [url=]Steam group[/url]. We’re always looking for talented people to join our team.

Working Vulture
Working Vulture
I recommend

Zombillie is the zombie version of the game Millie, which is like the offspring of Pacman and classic Snake. This game is addicting, challenging and fun! If you like Pacman, Snake or even Centipede, puzzlers and nice graphics, get this game! The only complaint that I have is that the controls can be a little unresponsive, just like Millie,, other than that its a real fun little game.

Asleep Lobster
Asleep Lobster
I recommend

Zombillie is a strange reiteration of Millie the centipede game. It's a mix of pac-man and snake all at once. This means that you grow as you eat more dots on the level and you die when you hit your own tail or find yourself stuck. Fortunately, there are special items such as cutting your tail shorter, the ability to turn on oil slick, a siren to go into the wrong way paths, and more. What is unfortunate is that there are no new items to use compared to the original game Millie. There are 3 main worlds and 32 levels in each 8 of which are mini-games. While the game does not stray far at all from the original beyond the change of graphics due to the centipede being a zombie centipede in this game, I still found it challenging and enjoyable. Pick it up if the price is right, this definitely one you will find on sale during Steam's regular sales.

Moderate Ladybug
Moderate Ladybug
I recommend

If you have Millie you don't need this game. It's the same game with a new skin. On it's own it's a decent game. 6/10

Depressed Chinchilla
Depressed Chinchilla
I recommend

simple game for a simple person

Continuing Termite
Continuing Termite
I recommend

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