The Sacred Stone
The Sacred Stone

The Sacred Stone

Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG
The Sacred Stone has been stolen. Your parents have been killed. Learn the truth about yourself. Wield Magic, Wield a sword, Fight countless Enemies, Monsters Boss fights, explore open worlds, side quests and more. Enemy Combat is fast paced.
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The Sacred Stone has been stolen. Your parents have been killed. Learn the truth about yourself. Wield Magic, Wield a sword, Fight countless Enemies, Monsters Boss fights, explore open worlds, side quests and more. Enemy Combat is fast paced.
buy 4.99$
Offer will be valid for another 17 hours
Release Date5 апреля 2021 г.
DevelopersPanzer Gaming
PublishersHandMade Games
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Single-playerSteam AchievementsSteam Trading CardsPartial Controller Support

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Screenshot №1 from game The Sacred Stone
Screenshot №2 from game The Sacred Stone
Screenshot №3 from game The Sacred Stone
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  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: fx-8350
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GTX 1050
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 18 GB available space
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: i-7
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GTX 1070ti
  • DirectX: Version 12
  • Storage: 18 GB available space

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Our downloadable PC game is named The Sacred Stone.. It is our goal to put this on the PS4 platform, and the Nintendo Switch.

Features and Benefits

The Sacred Stone offers a hack and slash action of combat. This includes but not limted to using different weapons, and different styles of combat. This is a high paced action game with a very long story line to work with the new and recent open world style of gameplay. Linear paths are also in the game but only in sections.

Besides your traditonal hack and slash combat we have included a level system, journal, Quest, Interact with characters, a spell system and more.


You play as a young girl of the age of 18 years old. The kingdom is ruled by a beautiful Queen. Balance of life surrounds the world due your family protecting The Sacred Stone. Very few even knows that the Stones exists until one day you come home to find your parents dead. The Stone stolen. Choas quickly consumes the lands of devlish beasts and demonds. Shortly after burying your parents the people responsible come back to finish you off. You quickly realizes that you that have more power than what your parents let you believe. As time goes on your strength goes stronger along with learning new abilities about yourself. You will seek revenge for your parents murder not death. Seek to take back the Sacred Stone and restore balance upon the lands. However the Stone is not what you or anyone else thinks it is. Upon your journey explores the lands for clues, to help guide you on your path.


The quest system besides the main quest is randomized when interacting with characters you meet through towns, villages, caves, forests and more. Each character you meet may have a quest for you such as kill spiders to achieve spider legs or their venom, pick wild flowers for a potion, Hunt for food, Find things characters have lost, reconnect loved ones. Gain prestige by helping some characters you meet to help explore deeper into the open world.


In order to level up you must hunt and engage into enemy combat. Basically Grinding in a sense. As you level up you will be able to gain new abilities in the spell system, along with change outfits and style of appearance. Your health bar will also increase, along with your MG, and reloading of spell times. You will also gain health for every hit point you make to the player enemy. Some areas are closed off until you have gained enough prestige or level up.

The level up system is designed to double the points needed to gain to the next level every time the player reaches a higher level. Example 1 +1 = 2, 2 + 2 = 4, 4+4=8, 8 + 8 = 16 etc. The player will be able to level up pretty quickly in the beginning of the game, but will have to take on risks and challenges with other enemies to upgrade to higher levels.

Open World

Most of the game has the feature of being able to free roam in the world. You can find new quests, explore the lands of caves, lakes, forests, towns villages, hidden lands, volcanos and much more. Along exploring you will meet new characters, have the ability to take on new quests, fight enemies and more.

As of right now the open world if we would walk from the top of the mountain based on Hinderdale City and to walk to the dead lands would take well over 1 hour just walking. We are constantly adding in more details to the open world, along with quests, enemies, and storyline.

Player Powers, and abilities

The player has unique abilities. Besides the leveling up system when fully unlocked can cast up to ten power spells, has 2 different fighting styles which serve a purpose. The first fighting style is with a spear, very powerful when dealing with a massive amount of enemies. The second is dual wielding swords. Perfect for one on one combat. The player also has the ability instead of dodging to teleport out of harms way for a brief moment if used right. She also has a very power combo moves. One move consists of her jumping into the air and launching herself into the ground creating all enemies within a certain radius that surround her to take a few steps back from the force of the impact. This also has a feature of slow Mo when she impacts into the ground for a more cinematic intense affect.


Enemies have a level system. When approaching an enemy you will be able to see the enemy's level of strength. It is not recommend for example to approach a level 18 enemy when the player is only a level ten. The higher the enemy level is the harder the enemy will be to kill and the enemy can kill the player more easily.

We have added in a feature with higher level enemies that the enemies can also cast spells to heal themselves of damage at random times.

Some areas will be very long boss fights. The enemy's health is extremely high, and well surrounded by countless ends of low class enemies. The goal is to stay alive at this point, and take the player for a intense battle that will last awhile.

We have focused on this method primarily because we love boss fights. We love the intensity it can bring to the players heart, the sweaty palms at the hand and more. This refers more the to player experience. Expect a lot of boss fights per battle.

When it comes to boss fights each boss will have its own unique animations, special abilities, movement speed and more. For example the Troll swings around a very large wooden nail piece of wood shaped into a bat, but also can cast a powerful wind breaking spell that if the player does not jump or teleport at the right moment will be caught in the wind blast.

Some main enemies include but not limited to:

⦁ Trolls

⦁ Skeleton warriors

⦁ Skeleton Mages

⦁ Spiders

⦁ Rock Monsters

⦁ Dragons

⦁ Grim Repears

⦁ The Devils Advocates

⦁ Humans

⦁ Elf's

⦁ Sorcerer's

⦁ and many more.

Save System

The save system features is easy. You can save at any time during the game. However it is recommended to save fequently.

Voice Acting

We have hired voice actors for certain characters of the game, and have also been working on new enemies not yet shown in game.

Screenshot №1 from game The Sacred StoneScreenshot №2 from game The Sacred StoneScreenshot №3 from game The Sacred Stone

Reviews about the game

The Sacred Stone30.01.2016

Launch Day First Impressions Video: ARGHHHH! What a TEASE! You'll log into the game and be teased with what looks to be amazing graphics and a vast world to explore with lots of dangerous monsters to defeat! You'll think "WooHoo! I just got a DEAL baby for this at under $4!" ..And then the reality will hit you. You'll notice the bizarre, unconventional camera and the unfriendly, buggy UI. You'll notice that the massive starting city is nothing but empty buildings and dead streets. You'll hopelessly run around looking for the first event and then be happy with all the special effects as your first spider mob is born in spectacular fashion. And that's when you'll really see how clunky and awkward this game is, especially with the weird camera and bizarre and unresponsive control system. After two reviews, the second one coming after the developer seemed authentic in saying that the game and camera was "soild" now and much better.... It's a little better, yes, but still just a massive mess. The Unreal4 engine is nice, as are the stock assets used in this game. However, it's going to take a little more then just gluing them all together with random and rushed flow diagrams in the U4 engine to make this a solid game that's worthy of even a $4 price tag. I'd rather play a text adventure game that isn't rushed and programmed correctly then to play this "beautiful mess" as I called it in my first impressions launch day video. But NO people. Save your $4. This is just yet another example and further proof that graphics don't make a game good. This game is all show and zero depth, zero content, mainly ZERO FUN. Not only that, it takes up a massive 8 GB+ on your hard drive due to all of the U4 assets that have to be downloaded to be used in this mess. Game Re-Review Video on Feb 2, 2016 After developer promised big changes had been made: My Score: ------------------ VALUE: 0 out of 40 (even at $3.59, yes.. no value at all) FUN: 0 out of 30.. (Yep, nothing, nada, no fun at all, no bs) CONTROLS & BUGS: 2 out of 20 (Horrid controls, buggy combat, buggy UI) GRAPHICS & SOUND: 9 out of 10 (Yay.. this is for all the Graphics "horz") ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MY TOTAL SCORE FOR THIS EPIC GAME: 11% (Yes, 11 out of 100) To the people who play this game .1 or .3 hours and give it a postive review just because of the graphics when you know you don't ever want to actually play this game.. You should be ashamed of yourselves for dishonesty and helping "sucker" more people in who will quickly regret spending any money on this.. money that could have went toward a real toilet plunger or maybe a bottle of Tylenol instead.

Given Echidna
Given Echidna
I don't recommend
The Sacred Stone22.02.2016

I've bought this game to give the developer the benefit of the doubt. I've played both Time Ramesside and Sacred stone... and both I've had to refund after 15 mins of play because it's so awful. Note, I do not refund games often... I have most of Digital Homicide's crap in my steam library, and alot of generally awful games (rpg maker games that appear to be done by 10 year olds with no spell check). I enjoy bad games. I actively search for bad games to collect them just to have them. ... I refunded both Time Ramesside and this game. Do you understand how bad a game it has to be for someone that loves bad game to say this is too bad to even have sitting in their library? Purchase it yourself... when you do have fun downloading the 8gb file... god help you when you enter the game. You know in minecraft when you try to dig to the bottom of the world? That's Jason Welge's games. His games are the bedrock... the absolute bottom of the barrel. I doubt you can get worst than his shit... other games are bad, but charmingly adorably bad... his game is bad in a way of watching a newborn puppy being flogged with a sack of quarters YOUR QUARTERS THAT YOU PAID TO SOME SHADY MAN... you look on in awe, disgust, and feeling sorry for the puppy. Just as you feel you need to look away the puppy looks in your eyes... and it's just ... no... NO JASON STOP! STOP MAKING GAMES! This is awful... this is awful... save the puppy, stop beating it. Unreal Engine isn't supposed to produce this crap. The worst part is there is not even one god damn mermaid cannon in this game.

Encouraging Porcupine
Encouraging Porcupine
I don't recommend
The Sacred Stone06.04.2021

Game is unplayable, had to request a refund. In general I like to encourage developers and refrain from posting incriminating reviews, so while I could go at length about how much of a miserable disaster this game is, I will just settle for saying the game as it is now is not worth the time and money. DON'T BUY THE GAME. If the Devs are still working on this, maybe there is some hope for it; if not, then they have forgotten the game and so should we....

Final Gibbon
Final Gibbon
I don't recommend
The Sacred Stone07.02.2016

thank god this game is loud as fuc because guess what THE OPTIONS TO TURN IT DOWN DONT WORK WHICH IS JUST BEAUTIFUL B E A UTIFUL not to mention to combat is hot garbage the cutscenes dont even PLAY WHEN IM IN THE GAME i have to alt tab just for them to get moving and no one wants to do this wait infact yes they do because just looking at this game will make you want to puke with its aweful combat i couldnt even kill the spider and its all around garbage lets hope the refund works

Clinical Catshark
Clinical Catshark
I don't recommend
The Sacred Stone18.04.2023

Nobody will read my review, so i'll just say i'm gay

Easy Gull
Easy Gull
I recommend
The Sacred Stone15.09.2022

Game is unplayable a lot of bug's

Imperial Ermine
Imperial Ermine
I don't recommend

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