The Cooking Game
The Cooking Game

The Cooking Game

Casual, Indie, Simulation
Start The Cooking Game, learn to cook, serve and manage your own restaurants. Show your skills and feed the hungry customers!
Start The Cooking Game, learn to cook, serve and manage your own restaurants. Show your skills and feed the hungry customers!
Release Date21 октября 2016 г.
DevelopersPlay Spirit Limited
PublishersPlay Spirit Limited
OSMac, Windows
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  • OS: Mac OS X 10 and above
  • Processor: G4 800 MHz or faster
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Storage: 100 MB available space

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Welcome to The Cooking Game.

You’re on a mission to start running your own restaurant business.

Fancy celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay who owns a chain of his own restaurants or Jamie Oliver who promotes healthy and vegetarian recipes inspired from all over the world? Do you want to become a famous gourmet, and food writer like Nigella Lawson who has her own TV Show?

Start now with The Cooking Game and learn how to cook, serve and manage your own restaurants.

Chef Jennifer will help you getting accustomed to preparing a variety of dishes from all over the world & managing different style of restaurants: from fast food cafe to vegan to a high-end exclusive Japanese sushi restaurant.

You will start with simple Fast Food Cafe to gain basic culinary skills, then proceed with to earn a Turkish restaurant business, provided you prove what you have as a chef.


- 8 unique restaurants, from bakery to diner, from american to chinese

- more than 300 levels

- hundreds of kitchen upgrades

- prepare hundreds of dishes

- satisfy thousands of customers

- personalize your interior with elegant furniture

- cook any dish from burger to fancy chef recipe, from breakfast to dinner

You will slowly make your own into owning and managing a Chinese Wok to Walk restaurant.

Ever wonder how to stir fry a Chinese noodle and fried rice?

Do you have what it takes to stir fry a Chinese style egg-noodles in front of your customers with selected toppings, meat & sauces?

Upgrade your culinary skills then with managing more advanced and exquisite Italian and Japanese Sushi restaurants.

These restaurants are not for the faint-of-hearted.

Japanese sushi restaurant will take your skill to the limit as you explore the traditional ways of making Japanese sashimi, sushi rolls, tempura etc.

All work but no play? Don’t worry. Candy shop will take you back to your sweetest memory as a kid.

Serve the desserts to your customers by learning how to bake cupcakes, make cotton candy, frozen yogurt and slurpee!

A variety of cuisines

- Chinese Noodles & Rice

- Italian Pizza, Pasta & Lasagna

- American Fast Food Burger & Hotdog

- Japanese Sushi & Tempura

- Arabic Shawarma & Kebab

- Popular Cakes, Icecream & Sweets

- Cook spicy hot Indian curry

- Prepare delicious burrito, taco & quesadilla


Show your skills and feed the hungry customers!


Screenshot №1 from game The Cooking GameScreenshot №2 from game The Cooking GameScreenshot №3 from game The Cooking Game

Reviews about the game

The Cooking Game15.05.2019

Update: As of Dec. 19, 2019 this game was made f2p. People that had the game in their steam library before the special update received a special offer that they can claim when they boot the game up that gives diamonds and in-game cash. This obviously a port of a mobile game to pc, in which the in game purchases have been removed. And to be honest I was looking for a game like this on pc to play, without the extra purchases. I had played a few of them on mobile, but never paid extra so of course you can only go so far on those with the extra pay. I was having real fun playing this, completed the first two restaurant all with three stars and fully upgrade. Get to the third business, a cake and slurpee joint and low and behold I am stuck. Stuck due to lack of diamonds, things you are awarded during play when finishing levels. So now that this third store needs even more diamonds to upgrade things, very high charges of 10-20 diamonds on a lot of it, and I can no longer complete levels with three stars without upgrading. I now have to hang out at the "casino" endlessly spinning the wheel trying to get diamonds. So I went from having fun to getting bored silly spinning a "roulette" wheel that only gives 2 diamonds a pop when you actually land on the diamond giveaway slot. And I also had 90k in money, which has dwindled down to 29k and now I only have 2 diamonds. I will probably consider this game done and uninstall, what a waste. Too bad because the game WAS fun. This is a DEFINITE no buy, unless you like to be frustrated a lot, not by your skill level or a challenging game, but by a lack of foresight by a dev when bringing a mobile port to pc, then by all means grab it lol

Friendly Wildcat
Friendly Wildcat
I don't recommend
The Cooking Game26.01.2017

Second Update on review: I still really want to give this game a good review but I can still only give it a neutral rating. As you can see I have over 182 hours play time...... There are a lot of good things about it and a lot of bad. Pros: Fun to play Great time waster Builds up your clicking muscles Overall attraction is great when you first start out Cons: -The game has a lot of bugs - i.e. glitchy where I can't move food around - it just sticks there (The developers DID answer my query however want a screen shot or video which I can't give since the glitches are sporadic) - Update -- so far with the last update this hasn't happened anymore - this continues to be true -- only minor glitches on some of the missions) -Ratio of getting 3 stars is about impossible (stupid me and I continue to be stupid - I keep playing the levels over and over again but just can't get 3 stars on levels past 30 on the 3rd, 4th and 5th restaurant) Don't get me wrong I love a challenge however when it is unattainable it is just down right frustrating. Update: Still an issue -- for me it is impossible to get 3 stars on the following: I don't think it is possible in any combination -- to get beyone these....playing perfect games there isn't enough revenue to earn the 3 stars -- and on some of them only 1 star....the percentage above the goal needs to be lowered so that you can at least finish the game. Italian - last 3 levels Bakery - last 3 levels Japanese - can not get 3 stars past level 24 -- and stuck on level 29 not even able to obtain 1 star -Achievements are broken: Update -- (These have been fixed) I have all but 2 achievements now: This remains the same -- however I will more than likely never get the spinning wheel one since I detest that wheel, the sound is awful and it takes a full 30 seconds or more to complete one just isn't fun or worthwhile.... Played 1 hour straight - NO achievement Upgraded 5 restaurants completely - NO achievement Get 3 stars on 2nd Restaurant - NO achievement -The wait time is too short -- you burn a lot of food or have people just leave so you lose points -- no where to store food for later -- (it just goes in the bin and so does your score and putting them to sleep only lasts a very short time so you don't have time to catch up on the food) - Still an issue - wish there was a waste plate to sit food so you could give it out later without burning. -Spinning the wheel and trying to get diamonds -- the odds are stacked against you (this is also very boring...and long) - there is an achievement "spin the wheel 15 times and lose" everytime I get to 14 and then I win 1K or 2K. What's up with that when there are only 4 spaces in which you can actually win something. Update: they fixed this issue by unlocking the restaurants -- however if you run low on desserts you are going to have to spin the wheel. -There isn't enough ways to earn or buy diamonds which are the source of what you need (i,e, right now I have over 3 million in my bank and 43 diamonds) -- you have to grind away to earn XP for 1 lousy diamond or you can grind away at trying to better your score on the "impossible" levels Continues to be valid on this update: (This one has pretty much been resolved - hoever I do feel cheated in having to spend uneeded time in gathering diamonds to unlock resturants now that they are all unlocked from the get go). - Items are too small to see especially in the Chinese and Pizza Restaurants -- I haven't made it to the 6th one yet so I will let you know. (Finally made it to the 6th restaurant -- impossible to get even 2 stars even on the first mission) -- Requires too many diamonds to level up your items so that you can get better bonuses. Not sure if I can hold out to get to the last restaurant but will let you know. (Update: the diamond issue has been resolved however the items are very small and there are way to many steps in preparing some of the dishes before you burn items or the customer leaves). Again I will continue to reserve positive and/or negative to see if the other items get for now I remain neutral (with this edit I will continue to remain neutral until I get a little further and see if any fixes come around).... A game like this should be fun to play -- not frustrating and impossible to reach goals having to grind away at the same levels trying to succeed. If you are a glutton for punishment as I am -- I can say that I have gotten my money's worth out of this game -- however the bills to the shrink for not being able to finish it will cost In the interim I am going to continue to punish myself....

Superior Mosquito
Superior Mosquito
I don't recommend
The Cooking Game20.02.2017

This was originally a mobile game and was poorly ported to PC. It uses Diamonds as a currency which would work in a mobile version as IAPs. However in the premium PC version, after a few hours there are no ways to get extra Diamonds without some very hard grinding. You need diamonds to unlock new restaurants so you can't progress without them. There's also a daily reward for opening the game which makes no sense at all in a premium game. I paid my 10 euro and I expect to be able to play the entire game, not be drip fed it. I actually really enjoyed the gameplay and I was looking forward to unlocking the different restaurants, so I was extremely disappointed when I realised this awful design flaw. I requested a refund after 4 hours of playing, but if the developer fixes this issue I'd be happy to buy and play it again.

Remaining Roadrunner
Remaining Roadrunner
I don't recommend
The Cooking Game02.11.2016

Love it. It seems like a good game but I'm just started to play the game. I will come back with more details soon. There's a reason the reviews are so positive and that this little indie game is so popular. It's just good, 'nuff said. Additive even though it's not like actual cooking where we cut and chop.

Nutty Thrush
Nutty Thrush
I recommend
The Cooking Game01.01.2017

Having bought this on sale, I would say that at that price it was fair value for money. It is a campaign based game - no free play - that requires movement through each mission stage to obtain cash, diamonds and XP, then eventual levelling up. After about level 17/18 in each restaurant, customers arrive thick and fast and it takes lots of concentration to achieve mission successes thereafter. This increases difficulty to such a degree that it easier to give up. This is the barrier to further enjoyment. It's cost me about 30p (UK) per hour (so cheap) but I won't be spending any more time on it. If you are very fast with your mouse and can multi-task, then go for it. Given the short playabilty time, I can't recommend it, but at the sale price, you could give it a go and not waste a fortune.

Circular Aardvark
Circular Aardvark
I don't recommend
The Cooking Game22.01.2017

This game seems to have many levels, but after 2 months I can’t get past level one. I need 20 gems to get to the next one, but it seems like I need to play for 6 months to get to the next. Straight up seems stupid. Sorry I tried the game.

Filthy Koi
Filthy Koi
I don't recommend

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