Adventure, Free to Play, Indie, Massively Multiplayer, RPG
Stash is an MMO with turn based grid combat, custom housing, a tabletop art style, and more loot than you can fit in a portable hole. Stash has the charm of a pen-and-paper gaming group with the gameplay of a deep, interesting, unique RPG. Join our friendly community!
Stash is an MMO with turn based grid combat, custom housing, a tabletop art style, and more loot than you can fit in a portable hole. Stash has the charm of a pen-and-paper gaming group with the gameplay of a deep, interesting, unique RPG. Join our friendly community!
Release Date7 сентября 2017 г.
OSMac, Linux, Windows
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  • OS: OS X
  • Processor: Intel Core Duo or equivalent
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: onboard graphics
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
  • OS: OS X
  • Processor: Intel i3 or equivalent
  • Memory: 6 GB RAM
  • Graphics: discrete video card
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 2 GB available space

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Stash is bringing the magic back to MMOs. With turn based combat, customizable housing as a core feature, a unique tabletop art style, and more loot than you can fit in a portable hole, Stash delivers a fun, engaging experience unlike any other MMO. Stash is set in the fantasy world of Primordiax - a game world featured in 6 previous games by Frogdice released over the last 20 years. The intriguing world story has evolved through decades of staff plot lines and the actions of hundreds of thousands of players.

NOTE: As is very common for MMORPGs, you will have to create an account to play. You do not login with your Steam account. That is the only way we can provide full support for our customers.

Stash's core features include:

  • Turn based combat on a tactical grid.
  • Great Community: The most incredible thing about Frogdice and all of our games is the community. Our players are a major reason our games are so special and their passion and love for our game world is part of a sacred trust we cherish.
  • Housing as a core feature. Your Base of Operations (BOO) starts as a humble bedroll and can be built and customized into a mighty fortress where you stash your loot.
  • Dungeons: Shared world dungeons and private instanced dungeons for your dungeon crawling cravings.
  • Character customization via class, race, build, gear, cosmetics, costumes, pets, mounts, and more.
  • Crafting: Use, sell, trade, or enter items into competitions. Be a full time crafter or merchant.
  • Exploration: A huge world for you to discover with hundreds of unique locations.
  • Awesome world story with a unique twist. Players affect this story and the entire world profoundly. Our staff runs world events and plot lines.
  • Clans: Join with friends and compete for dominance.
  • Loot: Tons and tons of loot, and with rare exceptions we don’t do bind on pickup/equip.
  • PvP: In Development: Group and solo leaderboards. Dueling. Clan wars and battles.
Things About Stash You Will Either Love... or Hate

Stash is a very unique game that is not your typical MMO. Is it the dream game you've been waiting years for or the complete opposite? Review this list carefully as we do not want to waste anyone's time with a game not suited to their tastes:

  • Stash is a complex, deep game that requires skill, thought, and effort to excel. It also takes time to learn. We do not have a guided tutorial. We have guides, videos, in-game tutorial help screens, and both staff and community volunteers who love helping people. If you prefer games with a 1 hour automatic guided tutorial that teaches you how to play, you may have trouble with Stash.
  • Stash embraces the grind. We believe we've made it fun, and it definitely isn't fast. Your accomplishments are meaningful and you won't get passed up if you go on vacation for a week. This goes for combat, crafting, farming, empire building, and pretty much everything.
  • Stash is challenging but approachable. You can make Stash easier with dungeon difficulty settings, partying with other players, or simply focusing on easier content. But some battles can be quite difficult with good strategy and tactics heavily rewarded. Fleeing from battle is not easy or guaranteed. If you die after a certain level, there is a death penalty (you do not lose XP, levels, or items, but instead receive a small amount of XP debt - half your earned XP pays off debt until it is gone, but you can still level up and progress even while you have xp debt!).
  • Questing is not a big part of Stash. We don't like quest grinds. Stash is more of a sandbox-style game. We have quest-type activities (we call them tasks), but they are not a huge focus of the game. The world is open to you to set your own goals and priorities and we do not tell you what you have to do next.
  • Crafting and Merchants are big parts of the game. The best gear in the game is crafted gear, and many systems allow for merchants to play an important role in the economy.
  • Your BOO (Base of Operations or house) is a major aspect of character progression. Expanding and upgrading your BOO allows more and faster crafting, more market options, more storage, and more fun. If you love housing then you will probably love Stash.
  • Storage and carrying capacity are part of character progression. Unlocking more bag slots, getting better bags, upgrading your stash, upgrading your stall, and other storage options are all aspects of advancing your character. Some people think this is great. Some people think this is tedious. If it sounds tedious, Stash is not for you.
  • There is no Auction House. Every player has their own merchant stall and can advertise items in the newspapers (which are divided by item category). Our economy encourages people to build their reputation as a merchant or craftsman. Auction Houses are cool but create race to the bottom pricing that leaves little room for sellers to compete on anything other than price. If you like a market that provides opportunities for full time merchants and market arbitrage, you will enjoy Stash.
  • Stash is currently light on story, but that is changing fast. You, as a player, will be a huge part of that. Our studio has run a roleplay required, all text MUD for 21 years. Please trust us that story and lore are near and dear to our heart, and will be a huge part of Stash.
  • The World will grow based on player actions. You currently have access to one major capital city, 9 major regions, and 41 dungeons. As the story unfolds, players will open up more of the world. If you prefer an MMO with the entire world available for exploration right away, you might be disappointed. If you like the idea of shaping and unlocking the world as a community, you will be thrilled.
  • We have many unique game mechanics rarely or never seen in other MMOs. We have a fresh take on stat training, healing, character customization, gear upgrading, and many other things. If that sounds fun and interesting, Stash is your game.
  • Stash has only just begun. We are a small team of passionate, indie devs who want to create a game you can call home for many years to come. If you want to be part of that growth, you will love Stash. If you don't want to be part of that journey, you might want to wait a bit.
Extra Packages for Stash

There are two packages available which include the game, your $ value worth of Medallions (virtual currency), and some bonus items:

Citizen Package
  • Total Value: $22.00
  • $15 worth of medallions
  • Mount: donkey
  • +25% XP Booster (2 hour duration) x2
  • Healing Potion x5
  • Mana Potion x5
Founder's Package
  • Total Value: $75.00+
  • $50 worth of medallions
  • Mount: donkey
  • +25% XP Booster (2 hour duration) x4
  • Healing Potion x10
  • Mana Potion x10
  • Founder's Cloak - Fancy cloak that provides +20% XP until you reach level 20.
  • Founder's Monument - Special outdoor item for your Base of Operations (BOO)
  • Founders Weapon Display Case - Special interior item for your BOO
Click here for step by step instructions on how to get your medallions and in-game bonus items.
Screenshot №1 from game StashScreenshot №2 from game StashScreenshot №3 from game Stash

Reviews about the game


There is so much i love about this game. The Devs love to talk with the players and they listen to the players input. It's constantly growing with new features. The player base are willing to help new players and are very friendly. The shop system makes the players feel more like a shopkeep then any other MMO. Tons of humor in the content. Some downsides at the moment. Early Access game: Like all early access games there will be bugs. There is tons of low level content at the moment but it is a slow grind to level past level 10 (lvl 30 max ATM). The BOO's (Base of Operations) are mostly private cosmetic's ATM since others can not see them. (Will become open later.) If you plan on joining keep a eye out for Gragus (my character). I am always willing to help new players find there way around the world.

Wide Wildfowl
Wide Wildfowl
I recommend

This game is a breath of fresh air. I have played so many MMOs and they all seem like variations on the same thing. Stash is really unique and brings some cool new ideas. Turn based combat is what jumps right out. You have time to plan and think and I really like that. Your house (called your BOO or base of operations) is quite impressive. I can already see that this feature is incredibly deep and I will put a lot of time into making my BOO killer. A number of people have mentioned the community and I thought that was bs but then I got in game and they were right. The people in game are great and the devs are very open and honest and clearly care about this game a lot. It is indeed early access so nothing is perfect but i can tell the rough edges will get dealt with and this is already a lot of fun.

Youthful Manatee
Youthful Manatee
I recommend

quite frankly, it doesn't feel any different than it was in EA. It's probably completely abandoned by now.

Worried Sparrow
Worried Sparrow
I don't recommend

At this point early on some of the things are polished, many need continued work. The graphics are simple but work well for the game. The game never crashed and everything was smooth for combat being turn based. It is fairly challenging to figure out what to do and how to get in a groove. That itself is worth a few dollars. After 20 hours I figured out eating food all the time, selling everything, and having several harvesting tools on your character are all critical. If your looking for a simple fun game to spend some time go for it, I believe it will improve with time. IF your looking for total polish you may be dissapointed. Videos and websites and even forums telling you what to do and how to do it are not going to be in abbundance. For the price of a soda and some snacks what can be the harm. 150+ Hours Later . . and f2p opening up The game still holds interest for me. You do figure out tactics, what potions to use, what equipment to seek out or make for your character. With the advent of some game updates you can adjust the scale of Random dungeons to suit your needs. Everything I still holds probably more true now than the day I wrote it. Enjoy

Statutory Otter
Statutory Otter
I recommend

- Whined like a child about basically forgetting my username and password. - Developer was all, 'Hey bruh, what's good? - Helped me gum it out live. - Patched a gnarly interface snafu preventing redemption of code. After a few hours of play, I like what I see. Great graphics (which have actually improved in clarity since the last time I loaded it up) and an in depth but well explained crafting setup. - A good amount of materials drop from battles. - The ability to buy items/bonuses with pay currency AND in game currency within reason (indie devs can learn a LOT about this sort of setup) - What appears to be a pretty cool housing concept/FOB. - Lag/rubberbanding has been reduced since I first played. 10/10 would make myself look like a moron again. This review will be updated as I play but, excellent job so far.

Superior Opossum
Superior Opossum
I recommend

This game is really amazing and has come a very long way. It's a great game to be able to borg, craft, as well as build your BOO. The music gives you a bit of a rush in combat as it sets tone of "ok this is serious!" The biggest plus and advantage to this game over others are the admin staff, they actually CARE and want you to enjoy the product and they will strive to listen to the community as well as update, expand, and make the game better. You also won't find a better community of gamers than the ones who have supported Frogdice over the years, they really are a great company, and really do care about customer service.

Skinny Caterpillar
Skinny Caterpillar
I recommend

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