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'n Verlore Verstand

Adventure, Casual, Indie
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Be prepared to be transported to a reality of dreams and nightmares. What will you discover about yourself in this journey through the subconscious?
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Be prepared to be transported to a reality of dreams and nightmares. What will you discover about yourself in this journey through the subconscious?
buy 1.49$14.99$
Offer will be valid for another 17 hours
Release Date5 апреля 2016 г.
DevelopersSkobbejak Games, Skermunkel
PublishersSkermunkel, Skobbejak Games
OSMac, Linux, Windows
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Updated 04.03.2024
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  • OS: OSX Yosemite
  • Processor: Dual Core
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia Geforce 8800 OR ATI Radeon HD 3870 OR equivalent/higher
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
  • Sound Card: Mac OSX compatible
  • OS: OSX El Capitan
  • Processor: Quad Core
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 460 OR AMD Radeon HD 5770 OR equivalent/higher
  • Storage: 5 GB available space
  • Sound Card: Mac OSX compatible

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Update Notes

v1.3.3 Release Notes Fixes: -Truck levels are now fixed -The flowers that weren't interactable are now fixed -The Language Flags have been adjusted to display properly on all resolutions -A lot of small fixes and tweaks. Known Issues: When setting controls in VR use a controller as mouse input and head look interaction doesnt work with the controller options screen. Also be sure to check out the discussions for other Known Issues and fixes/workarounds are detailed there. P.S. Translated versions of this Update Notes section of the store page will be coming soon.

About the Game

In 'n Verlore Verstand you will be transported to a reality of dreams and nightmares. What will you discover about yourself in this journey through the subconscious? In these realms of the unknown, you must travel through labyrinths of memories to eventually find your way to your own truth. Features: -Abstract adventure. -Engaging dream-like environments. -Mysterious puzzles. -Platforming -Exploration -Oculus Rift integration.

Screenshot №1 from game 'n Verlore VerstandScreenshot №2 from game 'n Verlore VerstandScreenshot №3 from game 'n Verlore Verstand

Reviews about the game

'n Verlore Verstand28.09.2023

[b] ‘N Verlore Verstand (PC, X-box 1, PS4, N-Switch) (2016) [/b] Upfront, this is simply a broken product. Out of the 19 levels available, 2 of them are broken. Scene 8 is extremely buggy and scene 12 has a game breaking mechanic of invisible buildings. On top of this, there is a broken achievement involving collecting all the white flowers. These issues have been known since 2017 and the developer though aware of them, have refused to fix. So genuine achievement hunters will want to give this one a miss and absolutely NO ONE should buy this for full price of $21.50. There are work arounds, but they involve using 3rd party software. Principally the game is a platformer where you get to explore 18 levels that are divided into 6 different surreal scenes. The objective of every level is simply to find the exit portal tree. These 6 scenes are then repeated on an easy, medium and difficult type setting. On top of this, each unique scene has 10 specially colour coded flowers hidden among their repeats. Collect all 60 flowers, visit scene 11 and drop down into a secret teleport and you get rewarded with the last secret level, scene 19. The various scenes are… 1) Traverse a surreal field (10 white flowers hidden among scenes 1, 7, 13 and 18) 2) Explore a maze of either trapdoors and corridors (10 orange flowers hidden among scenes 2, 8 and 14) 3) Venture through an underworld of moving platforms and guillotine blades (10 blue flowers hidden among scenes 3, 9 and 15) 4) Run along a dangerous roadside of fast-moving trucks (10 purple flowers hidden among scenes 4, 10 and 16) 5) A complex desert scape of floating and rotating platforms to jump through (10 red flowers hidden among scenes 5, 11 and 17) 6) An 'Inception' inspired city scape where you bounce on top of moving buildings (10 pink flowers hidden among scenes 6 and 12. 7) Once you collect all 60 flowers you get access to a space scene where you have to hop along an asteroid belt which surrounds a crystalised planet/moon (There are no flowers here, but if you use the elevation glitch on the last raising platform you will discover that the planet itself surrounded by the asteroid belt actually takes on the appearance of a flower from a top/down perspective) Furthermore, there is a developer time to beat for all 19 levels. This isn’t actually hard since there are a couple of fun glitches with the game mechanics which you can use to your favour. Breaking the time trials doesn’t unlock anything further than achievements. The glitches that are helpful… 1) Collision glitch. Jump towards where a rope bridge meets rock and jump again when you hit that area. The collision will send you skyward so that you can land a long distance away. 2) Elevation glitch. While standing on an elevating platform press pause. Let the platform you’re standing on move through you, as you see the platform descend again on top of you, let go of pause. This will rocket you upwards high in the air. 3) Pause glitch. If the platforms are not in the right place, simply pause the game. This stops the timer, but not the animation of the platforms. Un-pause the game when the platforms you need to jump on are in a favourable position. This will save you a lot of time. Below I have made a video that showcases each glitch… The game was made originally by 2 South African students Tiaan Gerber and his school friend Alexander Ehlers. As time went on Tiaan saw a need to separate from his friend so that his creativity was not stifled and set up Skobbejak games. Hence because of zero staff, blaring issues have remained since the games conception and simply ignored for the sake of creating new games. Ok, fair enough, but would you buy an alarm clock that fails to show 2 hours? Would it be right to sell such a broken alarm clock for full price? Would you buy a game that has 2 broken levels in it? Is it right for developer, publisher or Steam to sell such a broken product for full price? Instead of buying the game, I would highly recommend purchasing the sound track instead. The music embedded into this game fits absolutely every surreal scene perfectly. In fact, it is hard to imagine any other soundtrack than the one provided while you’re playing each scene. It invokes the right number of emotions out of the player, blends perfectly with each landscape and encourages continual involvement and exploration. The title of the game ‘N Verlore Verstand’ is African for ‘a lost mind’. This theme is reiterated in scene 18 when evil lightning explodes the poral tree and all the items from your previous ventures, come spilling out of the zapped tree and litter the landscape. While I guess this artistically makes a loose connection between all the scenes you have been playing and the games title, overall, it adds no depth and meaning. It’s a rather empty superficial experience that even breeds resentment into its customers thanks to it being broken and the unbelievable oversight of not adding a flower indicator so that players aren’t experiencing extreme vexation due to tedious searching of poorly visible flowers. The fact that this developer believes this game is worth $21.50, I agree with the games title. I believe the developer has in fact lost his mind… My Reviews:

Grateful Penguin
Grateful Penguin
I don't recommend

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