macdows 95
macdows 95

macdows 95

Casual, Indie
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you have an update for your operating system...
buy 4.99$
Offer will be valid for another 17 hours
Release Date5 сентября 2019 г.
DevelopersYunus Ayyildiz
PublishersYunus Ayyildiz
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Updated 24.05.2024
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Screenshot №1 from game macdows 95
Screenshot №2 from game macdows 95
Screenshot №3 from game macdows 95
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  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • Processor: Any
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Any
  • Storage: 100 MB available space

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what awaits you in this game;
  • puzzles
  • more puzzles
  • good jokes (also some bad jokes)
  • AI & and a robot
  • dark humour
  • much more puzzles
  • parody and satire (still I don't know the difference between them)
  • single eyes
  • riddles & hidden messages
what you need to do in this game;

just solve the puzzles,

if you can
what you should bring with you while playing this game;
  • a keyboard
  • a mouse
  • a working brain (preferably the human brain)
Screenshot №1 from game macdows 95Screenshot №2 from game macdows 95Screenshot №3 from game macdows 95

Reviews about the game

macdows 9528.06.2023

In the whimsical realm of boundless chaos, where the distinction between Mac and Windows blurs into a delightful digital puzzle playground, prepare for a game that defies the laws of operating systems and embarks you on a mind-bending journey where the only rule is to anticipate the unforeseen. Imagine a world where the computing rules you've known and loved are tossed into a digital blender, and out comes a hilarious, irreverent concoction of Mac and Windows elements. It's a place where closing a digital window might actually teleport you to a virtual beach, and the title bar serves as a portal to who-knows-where. Forget what you thought you knew about computers, because in this operation system, everything is deliciously different. At its core, the game is a labyrinth of riddles, hidden messages, and brain-teasers that will leave you scratching your head, chuckling at the absurdity, and occasionally questioning your own sanity. It's a whirlwind of lateral thinking, where the only wrong answer is the one that doesn't make you laugh. One of the game's most striking attributes lies in its irreverent sense of humor, resembling a comedy show where the punchlines match the unpredictability of the puzzle solutions. With unapologetic absurdity, the game challenges you to maintain a serious demeanor as it hurls a continuous barrage of zany gags your way. However, what distinguishes the game above all else is its resolute dedication to exploration. There's no concept of "losing"; instead, it extends an open invitation to embark into uncharted territories, to interact with that enigmatic button just to witness the ensuing unpredictability, and to wholeheartedly embrace the delightful disorder that follows. Within this realm, you rediscover the functions of nearly everything, and the quirks of the operating system become your dependable allies. As you peel back the layers of the operation system, you'll start to see the method in its madness. The once bewildering puzzles become less enigmatic, and you find yourself navigating this topsy-turvy world with the confidence of a digital explorer who's finally deciphered the game's unique language. In conclusion, macdows 95 is an interactive comedy show, a puzzle extravaganza, and a tribute to the absurdity of technology. If you're ready to laugh, scratch your head, and embark on a journey where the only constant is surprise, then this game is your ticket to digital mayhem.

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Cute Roadrunner
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