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Little Kite

Adventure, Indie
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The game about one tragic evening for a struggling family, when emotions and tensions are simply too high to manage.
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The game about one tragic evening for a struggling family, when emotions and tensions are simply too high to manage.
buy 6.99$
Offer will be valid for another 17 hours
Release Date14 сентября 2017 г.
DevelopersAnate Studio
PublishersAnate Studio
OSMac, Windows
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Updated 24.05.2024
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  • OS: Mac OS X 10.6+
  • Processor: 1 Ghz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce GT 610 (1024 MB) or Radeon HD 4650 (1024 MB)
  • Storage: 1.6 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: Allow programs downloaded from any source

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Little Kite is a point-and-click story driven adventure.

The game highlights the problems of a struggling family, in which one person has given up, and another tries to correct mistakes of the past.

The main characters are Mary and her son Andrew. After the death of her husband, Mary married for a second time, to Oliver, in an attempt to create a full-fledged family for her son. But everyday, problems consume the new husband and he finds his solace in alcohol. Soon, they find domestic violence becomes commonplace.

Mary's patience and inaction, so habitual and convenient for everyone but little Andrew, brings the life of their family to an extreme point - a point where she needs to make a bold decision.


  • Dramatic story about Mary and Andrew
  • Two playable main characters
  • A lot of puzzles with different difficulties
  • Two locations: the real world and the Andrew's fantasy world. Each of them has its own unique atmosphere.
Screenshot №1 from game Little KiteScreenshot №2 from game Little KiteScreenshot №3 from game Little Kite

Reviews about the game

Little Kite04.07.2021

[quote]For more puzzle game reviews, news and everything puzzle-related, follow [url=]Puzzle Lovers[/url] and check out our [url=]Steam group[/url].[/quote] [b]little kite[/b] is a beautifully-presented point & click adventure, very much contrasting the darkness of its subject matter: domestic violence, alcoholism, cheerful stuff like that. it's the more fleshed-out version of [url=]the kite[/url], released about 5 years before this and available for free on steam. the game starts with mary and andrew losing their husband and father respectively, then finding a replacement in oliver. as mary puts it, [i]'a bad husband is better than no husband'[/i], not to mention [i]'he's a good person when he's not drunk'[/i]. well... events take place during a single evening, locations are mostly limited to and around a small unit in an apartment building, though when you're controlling andrew, happenings are less grounded in reality, while staying just as grim as the rest of the game. tasks start out menial, with making a sandwich for the kid, then lead to fixing an elevator and all sorts of other stuff. some of the puzzles though... [spoiler]use paper clip on cake to heat the metal up, only then can you pick up the top of a soap dispenser.[/spoiler] wtf? and there are other occasions of 'nothing interesting here', then once you do something else, suddenly there's an item in a place you've already checked and discarded. hate it when adventure games pull this nonsense. also, I'm pretty sure 9-1-1 isn't the number for emergencies in russia (or thereabouts). would've made more sense to put a note of the actual digits in the 1st-aid kit or something. [b]I really liked the graphics[/b], both the crisp cartoon variety while playing and the hand-painted (looks that way anyway) cutscenes. the music is unintrusive and unmemorable, controls work as they should. double click makes scene transitions faster and [b]there's a hotspot indicator[/b], though only by clicking an icon, no hotkey. resolutions and windowed mode via the unity launcher, separate volume settings, a few languages, but [b]no manual saving, only checkpoints that are just about frequent enough[/b]. at first I thought it'd be only one per chapter, but as they got longer, saves kept happening after bigger sections. and while there's no chapter selection as such, [b]each autosave is a separate file[/b], so it's easy to revisit earlier sections if you want. it's also much more than what most games offer these days. it takes [b]about 2 hours[/b], ideal for an afternoon or evening if you're in the mood and can find it on sale. I didn't mind the noticably non-native writing, but [b]I wish they fixed all the missing punctuation[/b], really annoying. interestingly, it wasn't an issue in the original, which I found to be a nice prototype-like thing to play after this, if only to see where it all began.

Alert Hawk
Alert Hawk
I recommend
Little Kite16.09.2017

A bit of a mixed bag. Beautiful graphics with splendid backgrounds, some decent animations and characters neatly matching the backgrounds. At the same time, all the scenes are mostly static and the walking animation for the characters is atrocious. There are some creative inventory-based puzzles which are integrated into the narrative remarkably well, but also some which feel rather out of place. Some puzzles feel too Goblins-like, requiring sequences of clicks on the hotspots in the correct order. And there are logic puzzles which need to die right now. None of the puzzles are difficult though, and the logic puzzles have hints. The story is passable, but don't expect any plot twists or anything highly original. The number of locations is rather small. No voice acting. But personally, I definitely enjoyed the game (if Steam had Enjoyed/Meh/Not Enjoyed ratings, this one would be Enjoyed, not Meh) and would recommend it to anyone who likes casual adventure games.

Neutral Slug
Neutral Slug
I recommend
Little Kite02.01.2018

I really love sad games and stories, especially about addiction, so this should've been just right up my alley...sadly, it wasn't. I really give the developer credit for creating a game like this, and some parts are indeed very good, but the story is much too short/not really established/barely there/not really special...if the game would've been filled with more unique moments or had some well developed characters I would've definitely recommended it. TLDR Points: Pro: - Alright story that seems very personal - The art style - Some of the puzzles Con: - That the story that feels like it's barely there for a huge chunk for the short playtime - The overcomplicated puzzles that could have much easier solutions (but the game would have been even shorter then) - The broken english (this can still be fixed, just let someone proof read it and patch it!)

Unacceptable Trout
Unacceptable Trout
I don't recommend
Little Kite23.08.2021

Little Kite is probably a bit underrated, I reckon not many people knew this point & click game exist on Steam. For point & click fans, I would only recommend for the decent story & casual gameplay; puzzles aren't too tedious to the point you won't Alt + F4 right away :D A very short game you probably can finish it in under 3 hours. Great artwork and BGM though.

Thoughtful Wasp
Thoughtful Wasp
I recommend
Little Kite18.04.2018

The main issue I have with this game is the very large amount of spelling/grammar errors in the dialogue. It's actually super distracting, and it makes the story much less impactful to me. Honestly, I found it hard to take seriously, despite the seriousness I feel about the story presented in this game, and the topic of domestic abuse in general. Just to be clear, I'm not saying I think domestic abuse or abuse of any kind shouldn't be taken seriously. I'm saying that, when you're laughing, shaking your head, and/or cringing at most of the lines of text in the game when it's meant to be serious, it's... just... not good. I really didn't take the game seriously at all until a significant moment at what was pretty much the end of the game. I was mostly looking at the dialogue and trying to find errors and/or awkwardly structured sentences. A lot of the dialogue is just super awkward to read. To be fair, the creator of this game, Anate Studio, is only one person (Anatolli Koval is his name), and he's from the Ukraine. From what I understand, he pretty much did everything himself. I respect the hard work. But I need to call it how I see it. If you want a very small taste of what the dialogue/writing in the game was like, you can go to Anate Studio's website, and read the "About" section. A secondary thing that kept me from taking the story seriously was the characters. The main characters are Mary (victim of domestic abuse done by Oliver), Andrew (Mary's son, I forget his exact age, but he's a little kid) and Oliver (piece of sh*t loser that Mary's with). You mostly play as Mary, but there's a section where you play as Andrew. Back to the point, I found them all to be quite boring. They don't really have much personality, and they really weren't interesting at all to me. None of them. The inventory system was fine, but... there aren't any descriptions on items in your inventory, or items you look at in general at times. While it wasn't a huge issue, it can be troublesome when you pick up or encounter an item and you don't know what it is. For example, there was a moment in the game where you look at an item, and Mary says something along the lines of "I don't know what that is"... So, I thought "okay, I guess it's not useful"... Turns out, I had to use a screwdriver on it to get one of the three wires I needed for a puzzle. I don't see how anyone is supposed to know to do that if they don't even know what the item is. So this was a problem at times, but not a huge one. Onto a bigger problem... I feel like a lot of the tasks the game has you perform are really... unfulfilling. The first thing you do in the game is make Andrew a sandwich. And it's a process. For whatever reason, they apparently only have one single knife in their home, and that knife has been misplaced, so she needs to use Andrew's toy, which has a sword, as a knife. But Andrew won't let you take the toy because he's playing with it (despite walking around and not being anywhere near it). There are a bunch of toys in the apartment, and you try giving all of them to him, but Andrew doesn't like any of them. So you need to go to a cupboard, and do some puzzle to get a toy box, and get the right toy, then give it to Andrew, and use his toy to cut the bread, get all the ingredients, make the sandwich, and eijfwefhwebfhwe... It's just way too long of a process. One more example... When you're playing as Mary again after the Andrew section, and you want to get Oliver's attention, but he's too focused on the TV. He yells at you if you try to turn off the TV. Perhaps this was intentional to demonstrate what it feels like being in an abusive relationship. You can't even do something as simple as turn off a TV because you fear you might get abused for it. But despite this, going through what was probably the largest portion of the entire game for the sole purpose of turning off the TV and getting Oliver's attention... Like I said, unfulfilling. I can't go through everything because there's just so much you do in this section, but you basically have to turn the power off. The elevator's broken, so first you have to fix the elevator. To do that, you need to find three wires. There are five floors you have access to. Seems simple enough, right? But no... this is also a long process. I'm not going to go through it all, because after you fix the elevator, there's still so much more. Essentially, you do so much to achieve something so simple, and it's so unsatisfying. This seems like a rare occurrence, but oddly enough, the puzzles were probably the best thing about the game. I think the puzzles in the game were, overall, quite good. They're challenging, and there were only a few questionable solutions. The majority of them made sense. Some of them were extremely clever. But I guess that's all I have to say... I just can't recommend this based on everything I've said. Sorry.

Sophisticated Skunk
Sophisticated Skunk
I don't recommend
Little Kite15.09.2017

To be honest, I almost didn't give this game a shot. The social theme seemed a little off putting, but I was totally wrong. The artwork and pricing convinced me to buy and play it and I'm happy I did! This Point and click adventure creates a nice atmosphere with beautiful artwork and music. The story is decent but especially the original puzzles made this a very nice gaming experience. Recommended for all point and click adventure game fans. Oh yes, Anatoliy Anate is a game dev to watch! If you get stuck somewhere in the game, check out this little video walkthrough:

Golden Crow
Golden Crow
I recommend

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