Fighters Unleashed
Fighters Unleashed

Fighters Unleashed

Action, Adventure, Indie
Fighters Unleashed is an old school Beat'em up game with a modern look and feel, combos, ninjas, soldiers, zombies, and more. Are you good enought to unleash your power ??
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Fighters Unleashed is an old school Beat'em up game with a modern look and feel, combos, ninjas, soldiers, zombies, and more. Are you good enought to unleash your power ??
buy 4.99$
Offer will be valid for another 17 hours
Release Date27 декабря 2016 г.
DevelopersVolens Nolens Games
PublishersVolens Nolens Games
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Single-playerSteam Trading CardsPartial Controller Support

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Updated 24.05.2024
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Screenshot №1 from game Fighters Unleashed
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  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: 1 GHz
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 512 MB
  • Storage: 300 MB available space
  • OS: Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • Processor: 2 GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 1 GB
  • Storage: 500 MB available space

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Battle your way through waves of zombies, military commands, gangs without heart, ninjas skilled and ruthless mobsters.

Take the role of Alexia or Charlie, two people with special abilities, on a mission to rescue Megan, who has been

kidnapped for unknown reasons.

To rescue Megan you must use unique moves, and special combinations, motorcycles, super powers, and more.

Unleash the fighter in you with incredible martial skills and mysterious powers you'll discover in your

amazing adventure

Discover how to defeat each of their powerful bosses, and develops the Charlie and Alexia skills as you go and

get experience.

  • Thrilling shooter levels
  • Amazing aerial combos
  • Fighting action packed levels
  • 5 unique bosses, each requires a different strategies to be defeate
Screenshot №1 from game Fighters UnleashedScreenshot №2 from game Fighters UnleashedScreenshot №3 from game Fighters Unleashed

Reviews about the game

Fighters Unleashed05.01.2017

"Are you good enought to unleash your power ??", asks Fighters Unleashed. Well, I suppose not. I don't like throwing around accusations of bad hit detection, because that's a very hard claim to legitimately back up, but let me make myself perfectly clear: There are points in this game where you A. Take damage after your enemy has already fallen. B. Before they even swing at you C. When they're on a separate plane from you D. When there are no enemies in sight at all. If you absolutely must play this, I recommended that you try Alexia's story. The other playable character is so brutally, utterly destroyed by his opponents that I cannot fathom anyone having the patience for the second stage. Keep in mind though, that the game is prone to locking up when a stage starts, and you may need to pause/unpause to get it going again. Yeah.

Protective Alpaca
Protective Alpaca
I don't recommend
Fighters Unleashed19.04.2021

The developer thought that I will play this forever, because he didn't put a quit option in the menu.

Capable Porpoise
Capable Porpoise
I don't recommend
Fighters Unleashed26.02.2021

This game sucks, but in a way it's nearly bad in a good way, yet it's not quite there. On paper it has a nice ingredients - two characters, combos with separate punches and kicks, aerials and a super; you have different story for each character, two levels with vehicular combat and leveling up. What's more graphics are decent, with many frames of animation. The whole thing is unfortunately put together so sloppily I'm amazed at how much work developer put into it just to leave mind-boggling bugs and is barely working as a brawler. Hit detection is sloppy. You can be standing in front of your enemy, but if you're misaligned couple of pixels all of your hits will miss. Sometimes it feels like you're actually on the same plane and some of your punches reach your target, but then some of them will not. Combo system is simplified, you have 4 punch combo that will end with launcher just with mashing one button, then another button will give you 4 kick combo that will knock your opponent. It doesn't matter if you're hitting your enemy though so it's possible to start your attack faster just to launch your opponent into the air with one hit, granted he approaches you at the right time. One good thing is that you can do follow-up attacks whether from ground or air, and aerials are pretty much necessary to beat this game. It's possible to launch multiple enemies with last punch, jump up to do another aerial kick combo and then, while still in the air, do a punch combo which ends with ground hit. That's the main strategy behind this game, as enemies are powerless in the air and you're pretty much immune to damage while jumping. And damage will follow you as enemies - when they wanna hit you - will hit you. You can be in the middle of a combo hitting your enemy, but he won't stagger. It looks like he's in his "pain" state, animation playing that he's getting his ass kicked, yet you'll be sure to take some damage. Unless you jump. That's the second strategy to win, just jump all the time. Enemies aren't aggressive too much, but once in a while they have to perform their attack (and it looks like it's a static delay, if you're fighting 4 same type enemies you can be sure that order of their attacks is choreographed and order the same). Then you can jump and do aerial combo as well (it can actually continue after you've landed - it looks like you're punching floor, but enemy will get hit too). The good thing is there are many different types of enemies and they have different ways of attacking, sometimes you have to jump, other times you can just walk away from them so their attacks won't connect. There are also ranged fighters and them can hit you from completely random angle so they should be taken down first. There are worse things from unstoppable enemies and simple combos though and that's hit detection. Sometimes I could not perform aerial attack. Sometimes my opponent would play hit animation even though my combo meter or sound effect would not play. Sometimes I'd be attacked by invisible enemy. Sometimes that invisible enemy would take more than half of my life. Sometimes a boss character would lay on the floor instead of fighting. It's a buggy mess. What about leveling up system? It' hard to call it that way, because you're picking up money from defeated opponents and then you have to buy levels which in turn will give you higher attack power or defense. The only problem is that you can't do it during normal play. It's accessible from the main menu only, so it's not really a levelling up as a progression system, where you have to play, die, upgrade and play again. At least graphics are nice. Surroundings are pretty but repetitive. Here's the kicker - I think that all of the sprites and backgrounds come from some editor. I can't say for sure but all of it seems a little too professional for that game, especially when we're fighting against zombies in one level. It's like the editor had all prefabs done for random games and developer didn't think twice if it works or not, just put everything together. The funny thing is that there are pretty long cutscenes with static sprites. They tell us about story and why we're fighting against random gangs and organizations, but to be honest, no story would've been better here., especially when english translation is taken straight from google translate. In conclusion it's bad. It's serviceable as a one dev fun project and I'm sure that's what it is. It shouldn't be sold for real money though - plenty of bugs and amateurish feel will scare most of the players, and some curious onlookers - like myself - will still be unsatisfied.

Driving Gerbil
Driving Gerbil
I don't recommend
Fighters Unleashed28.09.2021

This fuckin game is like a trash man because when I am at the end of the fights SOMEHOW I take damages from nothing it's looks like a fuckin ghost beating me or smth please change it man!!!!

Yummy Piranha
Yummy Piranha
I don't recommend
Fighters Unleashed17.02.2022

My girlfriend told me that she would never pay for such games, as she believed that it is waste of money and that she would not play games such as this in the long run. However, I decided to buy it for her out of my pocket - AND SHE WAS OBSESSED. I tell you. THIS GAME IS PERFECT DURING SCHOOL AROUND. I got so much pussy that day and you will too! If you don't have a girlfriend, you will have one, one day once you buy this game.

Extreme Wolf
Extreme Wolf
I recommend
Fighters Unleashed11.10.2021

Omg game of the year!!!

National Grouse
National Grouse
I don't recommend

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