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Action, Indie, Simulation, Strategy
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Fight massive battles between infantry, armored vehicles, tanks, cannons and planes. Realistically manage your weapons and equipment, coordinate with your squad, and tactically navigate large, fully destructible open world maps. Experience the WW2 in singleplayer, PVP and Co-Op.
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Fight massive battles between infantry, armored vehicles, tanks, cannons and planes. Realistically manage your weapons and equipment, coordinate with your squad, and tactically navigate large, fully destructible open world maps. Experience the WW2 in singleplayer, PVP and Co-Op.
buy 7.37$8.99$
Offer will be valid for another 17 hours
Release Date6 января 2022 г.
DevelopersMarco Amadei
PublishersCorvostudio di Amadei Marco
OSMac, Linux, Windows
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Single-playerMulti-playerPvPOnline PvPCo-opOnline Co-opCross-Platform MultiplayerSteam AchievementsSteam Trading CardsSteam WorkshopSteam WorkshopPartial Controller SupportSteam CloudIncludes level editor

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  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Mac OS 10.15 Catalina
  • Processor: Intel Celeron G530 or AMD Athlon II X2 250
  • Memory: 1500 MB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT710 / AMD Radeon R5 240
  • Storage: 10 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: 1 GB of VRAM required
  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Mac OS 13 Ventura
  • Processor: Intel Core i3-2100
  • Memory: 5 GB RAM
  • Graphics: M2 Chip
  • Storage: 10 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: 2 GB of VRAM required

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Easy Red 2 is the game for those who know just what they want from a World War 2 shooter: simulation in weapons and mechanics, historical accuracy in battles, and expansive maps leaving room for large-scale infantry and vehicle combat alike.

In this new version of Easy Red, we wrote everything from scratch to reach a quality of game mechanics and optimization to manage and graphical design that looks appealing yet also runs well on lower-end machines.

Fronts of War

In Easy Red 2, you will be taken to both the European and Pacific fronts of the war. On the European front, you will be taken to the shores of

Anzio, Italy

- working your way towards the bombed peaks of

Monte Cassino

. You will also be taken to


- the Greek island invaded by the Germans in 1943. In the Pacific, you will go to


- the Japanese-occupied island invaded by the United States Marine Corps in 1944.

As you can view in the changelogs


, during most of 2021 and 2022, Easy Red 2 received at least an update a week, usually more. We want to keep this practice up and deliver new features very often such as new weapons, uniforms, vehicles, factions, game modes, and more. Usually, the new features we introduce come from suggestions that users can give on the Discord server



For information about future content that will be added, check out the Easy Red 2 roadmap here:
Simulation and Immersivity

That’s what we want for Easy Red 2. We want the player to feel a hint of the real emotions, thoughts, and sense of adrenaline rush of the battlefield. Around the player will be a fury of explosions, gunfire, devastation, orders, and yells from those around them. The player will be rewarded not for his kills obtained, but for his strategic prowess and survival skills on the field.

Large battles and historical locations

All campaigns take place in

large open-world maps

that are reproductions of the real locations of historical battles, with the plans and layout of the battles faithful to events that have historically occurred.

Squad-based Gameplay

No one fights alone. A good, hard-earned victory requires a good hardened team- so jump in as the

squad leader

, the


, or maybe the


. You’ll always have a job to do within your squad.

  • In our levels, we particularly focused on creating dynamically occurring sub-objectives that differ from the main mission objectives. For example, while the main objective of the greater team may be to conquer a specific area, a sub-objective could be requesting a tank to clear its way from an anti-tank gun that has been sighted, or getting your squad to take out that anti-tank gun yourself. This allows the gameplay to play out slightly differently each time depending on how everything plays out.
  • War machines changed warfare forever, and the second world war proved that unequivocally. Prepare to jump into a Panzer 4, M4 Sherman, M3 Lee, or any other of the more than 100 vehicles present in the game.
  • We decided to let the player have full control of the crew within their vehicles; they will be able to drive and shoot tanks, as long as there are crewmen to operate each armament. Also, battles don’t stop when a tank is disabled- lots of tank crews in World War 2 had time to escape from the scuttled tanks and survive the battles, and so do they in Easy Red 2. If you lose your tank in a fight, you’ll need to bring your crew (or what’s left of your crew) back to your lines safely on foot.
  • Play online in both PvP and PvE missions from either the base game, your own missions from the Mission Editor, or from the workshop!
  • Play with your own squad or join a squad of your friends
  • Create a match whenever you want and on any map you want!

Modding has also been added to Easy Red 2, and players can now create content to use in their own custom missions, such as custom weapons, vehicles, props, buildings (also with destructibility), factions, voice acting, terrain textures and details, inventory items and more!

Map & Mission Editor
  • The Map Editor makes it possible to create custom maps using brush tools to raise/lower the terrain, paint the textures, or add grass and props from the base game.
  • The Mission Editor allows anyone to create their own missions for the game using maps from the base game or maps made with the Map Editor.
  • Both maps and missions can be shared & downloaded from the Steam Workshop

Here's a gameplay from a Workshop map made by the community:
Devastation of war
  • Explosions will destroy sandbags, walls, fences, vehicles, defenses, and entire buildings throughout the battlefield. This can radically change the power positions and tides during a fight.
  • Enemy fire suppresses you and your squad, lowering your accuracy and decreasing your overall peripheral vision. You will have to learn how to move safely within a combat scenario and keep your helmet on your head without it getting shot or blown off.

Everyone wants a smooth playing game, so we designed our graphical style to bring about pleasing animations, textures, and effects while leaving room for a high and stable frame rate, even despite the extreme amount of units and vehicles that will be on screen, contributing to your immersion in the fight.

Screenshot №1 from game Easy Red 2Screenshot №2 from game Easy Red 2Screenshot №3 from game Easy Red 2

Reviews about the game

Easy Red 225.11.2023

---{ Graphics }--- ☐ You forget what reality is ☑ Beautiful ☐ Good ☐ Decent ☐ Bad ☐ Don‘t look too long at it ☐ MS-DOS ---{ Gameplay }--- ☑ Very good ☐ Good ☐ It's just gameplay ☐ Mehh ☐ Watch paint dry instead ☐ Just don't ---{ Audio }--- ☐ Eargasm ☑ Very good ☐ Good ☐ Not too bad ☐ Bad ☐ I'm now deaf ---{ Audience }--- ☑ Kids ☑ Teens ☑ Adults ☑ Grandma ---{ PC Requirements }--- ☐ Check if you can run paint ☐ Potato ☑ Decent ☑ Fast ☐ Rich boi ☐ Ask NASA if they have a spare computer ---{ Difficulty }--- ☐ Just press 'W' ☑ Easy ☐ Easy to learn / Hard to master ☐ Significant brain usage ☐ Difficult ☐ Dark Souls ---{ Grind }--- ☑ Nothing to grind ☐ Only if u care about leaderboards/ranks ☐ Isn't necessary to progress ☐ Average grind level ☐ Too much grind ☐ You'll need a second life for grinding ---{ Story }--- ☑ No Story ☐ Some lore ☐ Average ☐ Good ☐ Lovely ☐ It'll replace your life ---{ Game Time }--- ☐ Long enough for a cup of coffee ☐ Short ☐ Average ☐ Long ☑ To infinity and beyond ---{ Price }--- ☐ It's free! ☑ Worth the price ☐ If it's on sale ☐ If u have some spare money left ☐ Not recommended ☐ You could also just burn your money ---{ Bugs }--- ☑ Never heard of ☐ Minor bugs ☐ Can get annoying ☐ ARK: Survival Evolved ☐ The game itself is a big terrarium for bugs ---{ ? / 10 }--- ☐ 1 ☐ 2 ☐ 3 ☐ 4 ☐ 5 ☐ 6 ☐ 7 ☐ 8 ☑ 9 ☐ 10

Convincing Pelican
Convincing Pelican
I recommend
Easy Red 228.11.2023

[b]As a huge fan of WW2 FPS titles since the early 2000s, Easy Red 2 is my new favorite.[/b] It's the only WW2 FPS of the current generation that synthesizes many of the best elements of the 2000s era of WW2 games: [list] [*]Battlefield 1942: large map sizes, sandbox elements, combined arms gameplay with infantry/jeeps/tanks/planes; every time you play a mission, it can play out differently [*]Hidden & Dangerous 2: looting and inventory management [*]Brothers in Arms: squad-based combat and orders system [*]Early Medal of Honor and Call of Duty games: atmosphere, soundtrack, and mission capture objectives [/list] Easy Red 2 perfectly captures those games' "hop in and play for fun" feel while incorporating modern innovations like destructible environments and higher enemy counts. [b]It's a retro game that may not be for everyone, but it fills a niche that the industry has largely abandoned since the mid-2000s.[/b] [b]Because AI-controlled squads are the core of Easy Red 2's gameplay, the game is oriented toward single player, but you can also host and join multiplayer PvE and PvP lobbies on any of the game's missions, and there is crossplay with the Nintendo Switch version.[/b] The multiplayer community, while small, is super chill because the game is fun in an honest way: there is no grinding/rankings/lootboxes to psychologically manipulate players toward another brief dopamine shot. Judging by some other reviews, some people seem to consider not having tedious grinding a flaw, but if you're like me and you remember how great it was when you could just hop into a Call of Duty: United Offensive server and historically authentic faction-based loadouts were available for you to select from the start, when you didn't have to "In a round, perform 3 headshots with the SMLE MkIII Infantry" to unlock another basic standard-issue rifle, then you will appreciate the low-key, no bells and whistles, just hop in and play multiplayer. If you do need grinding to enjoy a multiplayer experience, there's always Enlisted, a game which is often superficially compared to this one. Easy Red 2's AI bots are a lot better than Enlisted's and function as cohesive squads independently of the player (unless you're the squad leader giving them orders) because they're a core part of the experience. In Enlisted, the AI are basically just extra targets for players to boost K/D ratios and grind XP so that they can reach the next statistically superior (regardless of historicity) unlock. [b]That being said, there is always room for improvement with Easy Red 2's AI, and fortunately the developers have just announced that they're planning an AI overhaul for 2024.[/b] [b]Because the focus is on the AI-controlled enemies, do note that this game is not a team-based hardcore/milsim shooter in the same vein as Hell Let Loose and Post Scriptum.[/b] It seems like people forgot that it was possible to make a WW2 game that wasn't also a competitive walking simulator. Don't get me wrong, I like Hell Let Loose and especially Post Scriptum (excited to see it has a new development team), but there's a huge range of arcade possibility between, say, Post Scriptum and whatever CoD: WWII was trying to do. Fortunately, the barrier to entry and learning curve for Easy Red 2 are low, and the game does allow you to customize difficulty and UI elements so that you can have it feeling as hardcore or casual as you want. From a historical perspective, the variety and authenticity in this game is almost unprecedented. Assuming you have all three currently released DLCs, you will have access to the American, Soviet, British, French, German, Japanese, and Italian factions, complete with their uniforms, firearms, vehicles, and voice acting. The Canadians, Australians, and late-war British-equipped Polish are also present. The game even comes with a map and mission editor so that you can make your own scenarios and share them on the Steam Workshop. Easy Red 2's small dev team is very responsive, listens to feedback on Discord, and constantly updates the game. It's basically unrecognizable compared to what it was at launch, and I'm excited to see how the game continues to develop and expand.

Bizarre Cat
Bizarre Cat
I recommend
Easy Red 225.11.2023

After the glorious first Medal Of Honor and Call OF Duty, WWII fps games have slowly and inexorably declined, exhausting their own emotional and adrenaline charge. With Easy Red 2 I returned to enjoy them ones, rediscovering the pure fun and enthusiasm of playing this genre of games. Corrections and improvements are almost daily, just as the future prospects announced by the developers are very promising. Therefore I do think Easy Red 2 is one the best fps ww2 game, a must-buy. Grazie Marco per l'instancabile lavoro e il miglioramento di un gioco già così bello di per sé. Ritornando alla recensione di cui sopra nella mia lingua madre, lo raccomando vivamente in quanto rappresenta quasi "una boccata d'aria fresca", in un panorama di fps che hanno perso la capacità di rinnovarsi, godendo di allori ormai passati.

Territorial Koi
Territorial Koi
I recommend
Easy Red 227.11.2023

I really like this game and it's for that reason that I will preface this review by stating all this game does well. I like what it stands for and the attention to detail. The destruction is good, not battlefield level but good. The campaigns are also well realised and the variety is excellent, the sandbox gameplay is there and the vehicles control aswell. I also very much like the squad feature that when you die you can spawn as another member of the squad. In terms of features this game has it all, and if you're looking for an alternative to say battlefield 5, enlisted, hell let loose or post scriptum this game is definitely worth a look. That being said I am slightly disappointed as reading the description of this game my thoughts were that it was a open sandbox game and before anything else, yes this game's map is open and the missions take place in parts of the overall map and while the size of the missions are grandiose the missions structures are very narrow and linear. When I bought this game I thought it would be like low budget battlefield and to an extent, it is. However I do feel as though there is an extreme missed opportunity with tanks, planes, artillery and the like. The missions are split up into three or four phases of pushing the enemy lines, however the tanks and planes may only be available for the first part of the assault, and dissappear for the rest of the game (this may vary) but my point being is that game although it claims to be open and sandbox is very linear in its design. I feel there has been great attention put on things in the game like models, animations, explosions campaigns to list a few. But not enough attention put on gamemodes, and the major one for me would be conquest which is what a game like this needs. To have all units available over the course of the game with 4,5 or 6 points to capture between two factions, and it is for the lack of variety in gamemodes that I feel as though I cannot say that I am completely satisfied with this game. Unfortunately steam does not have a star review system, so I am sorry to say that I will have to give this game a thumbs down review. If of course my points of critisism were to be added in the future I would be of the mindset to re-review this game. I only bring this issue to light because I have seen the roadmap for 2024 and I haven't seen any mention of new gamemodes or a conquest gamemode. I wish the developers all the best with the development of this game and hope that my suggestion may be taken into account. I do not wish to seem unfair to this game and it is for that reason that I started this review with the best parts as not to undermine the work that has gone into making this project what it is today.

Grubby Heron
Grubby Heron
I don't recommend
Easy Red 222.11.2023

Probably the best ww2 game available, it's certainly worth buying.

Sticky Alpaca
Sticky Alpaca
I recommend
Easy Red 206.12.2023

A fantastic solo-play WWII game. Don't buy it for the multi-player; it's there, but not the main focus of the game. Inexpensive, content heavy, re-playable by multiples, and a little bit of everything (from flame-throwers, sniper rifles, medics, body-looting, prisoner-taking (and prisoner murdering if you're sadistic), air-strikes, air combat, tanks, and a fully destructible environment). It isn't perfect, but for the price, it's a must-have for war-game enthusiasts.

Only Beaver
Only Beaver
I recommend

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