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Dropzone is a game of action, strategy and skill. Win 15 minute battles by scoring points. Unlock gear, customize your squad of up to 3 Units and compete in Team 3v3, 2v2 or 1v1 matches. Lay claim to the riches of Europa!
Dropzone is a game of action, strategy and skill. Win 15 minute battles by scoring points. Unlock gear, customize your squad of up to 3 Units and compete in Team 3v3, 2v2 or 1v1 matches. Lay claim to the riches of Europa!
Release Date15 февраля 2017 г.
DevelopersSparkypants Studios LLC
PublishersSparkypants Studios LLC
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  • OS: Windows 7 (SP1), Windows 8.x, Windows 10
  • Processor: 2.8 GHz Dual Core
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GTX 460 or better
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 6 GB available space

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Pilot Pack: Threshing Trio

Get started in Dropzone with 3 additional Pilots - save time and money with this high value bundle!
The Pilot Pack: Threshing Trio includes:
  • Knockout the Tank
  • Fury the Gunner
  • Cortex the Mechanic
  • 7,500 Jovians for additional Pilots or Gear
Please note: If you buy this bundle but have already unlocked one or more of these 3 Pilots in the game, there will be no refund or compensation for the affected Pilots

About the Game
It is the 22nd century…

Compete to win in the Dropzone - part renegade captain and part privateer, you strive against other mercenaries and elite military companies for Cores, reputation and glory!

Explosive 15 Minute Matches

You will command a squad of up to 3 highly-specialized battle Rigs in intense 15-minute matches. Fight against your opponents and the alien Kavash over Cores to score points. Experience the rush of beating the buzzer and score the winning point in the last second.

1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3, CO-OP, PvE and more

Control 1, 2 or 3 units across a wide variety of modes including competitive 1v1, 2v2 and Team 3v3 battles, PvP and PvE, custom maps, single player gameplay against AI and a cooperative wave-based Infestation mode

Unique Pilot Abilities

Recruit Pilots from across the solar system, each with his own default Gear and unique abilities. Then build your squad of three Rigs from four classes: the hulking Tank, powerful Gunner, resourceful Mechanic, and unpredictable Summoner.

Deep Rig Customization

Choose from hundreds of Gear options granting active and passive abilities to outfit your Rigs. Match your squad to your play style and use it to execute effective combos that will send your enemy reeling.

Dynamic Replay Controls

Use the game’s replay system and observer modes to watch live Dropzone matches, relive your greatest moments and study the moves of the top players to improve your skills.

Coming Soon

In-game tournaments, ranked leaderboard, new maps and the mysterious 5th Rig class, with all new abilities and Gear to bring even more options on the battlefield.

Screenshot №1 from game DropzoneScreenshot №2 from game DropzoneScreenshot №3 from game Dropzone

Reviews about the game


4/5 for an Early Access - I am looking forward to when this game becomes F2P, increasing the playerbase and level of competition. If you are a League, DOTA, any top down MOBA player, who rages at their team because they are shit, and you wish you could play your role, and their role, then you will enjoy this game. Because that is essentially what it is. Gameplay footage can be [url=] found here [/url] Great match showing high level play. Anxiety is top 10, Zuck3r I believe is top 20. Game currently has a "replay" feature, allowing you to watch live and played games by other players. Game allows you to play AI/test rigs whilst matchmaking. In game leaderboard. [b]My experience[/b] I have put 29 hours into this game so far, and still going strong. I personally love this game, and it has scratched the RTS itch I have been stuck with for sometime now. It combines my two favourite genre's and creates a replayable competitive experience. The playerbase is currently quite small, but I do not have any issues getting a game (EU) during peak hours. [b]What is this game?[/b] Simply, it's a top down moba, with RTS elements. You control 3 rigs (all with abilities you choose and unique passive/"ultimate" ability. You try and put 3 Rigs together, that will give you the best synergy and then you farm nests for core, and dunk them in the middle, whilst putting pressure on your opponent to slow them down. There are also 3 "optional" objectives that give you points, if you are the first to complete them. I.e capture all vision points. I would like to note, this is a multiplayer, competitive game. This does not contain a campaign mode. Games are either: 1v1 or 2v2. There is an infestation mode, which is basically survival mode. Survive against waves of enemies. [b]Is it complex?[/b] To begin with, the game offers you a lot of options. You have up to 4 classes: Mechanic (Support) Gunner (DPS) Tank Summoner (Utility) Each class has 3 rigs with a unique ultimate and passive ability. Each class also has a "bank" of abilities and passives, which you can fit to any rig within that class. Just to make it clear, you can run 2 mechanics and they can be outfitted exactly the same, only difference being their ultimate and main passive abilities. The game feels overwhelming in the first couple of hours, but after a few rounds (15 minutes each) and a good read through the different abilities, you very quickly learn what works and what doesn't. [b]Does the game have strategic depth?[/b] The Gameplay itself has depth, specifically around your decisions in game. It's very Micro intensive. Setting up your "Rigs" or "Squad" however is lacking a bit of depth. There is a very clear meta at high level play at the moment, but the developers will be adding more gear/abilities and a new class over the course of the Early Access, along with balance changes so I do expect this to change.

Initial Mammal
Initial Mammal
I recommend

This comes from someone who has little experience with MOBAs, is terrible at RTSes, and is still very, very new to this. I really like it! What I've enjoyed about Dropzone so far is its commitment to bringing more RTS into the MOBA genre. Managing a small team of 3 rigs (heroes) at once, and as the sole player for your side, the pace of a match becomes far more reliant on your ability to micro and macro-manage on the fly. I love this idea in concept, even if in practice I'm really poor at it! Yet that's the compelling part to Dropzone. Where I'd quit a normal RTS for being far too overwhelming, this strikes a kind of positive-frustration in my brain. I feel like if I just play a match every other night, I get a little better. Not like, MLG Pro status, but better than I was a week ago. While I can't comment too much on the lineup (still working on the first 3 people I picked), I do like that individual characters only seem to influence ults. Other abilities are based on that character's class, and are interchangable with a wide array of class-specific unlockables. This means you can taylor a team to your liking and, even if you have the same characters as your opponent, may still end up playing differently from each other. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who likes competitive games, moreso to those who are deeply familiar with either RTSes or MOBAs. And bonus, I've seen that it's going free to play soon! If you're unsure, you could always wait until 4/12 to give it a shot!

Familiar Tyrannosaurus
Familiar Tyrannosaurus
I recommend

I really like Dropzone a lot. I haven't played many MOBAs before but I have played lots of RTS. This is a nice hybrid of the two. It's a little slower paced than a pure MOBA, which I like cuz it gives more time for deeper strategy. Also I love that there is a 1 V 1 option. Playing MOBAs with randoms equals yuck for me. I love all the different pilots and loadouts you can chose from. Also it's great to be able to play a quick game.

Progressive Dragon
Progressive Dragon
I recommend

I so wanted to believe in this game I shelled out $30 DLC to help out the dev team. This game had potential but ended up just another boring and unoriginal moba. I managed to get into the top 40 briefly. Then the cheesy grind was just too much. So I uninstalled.

Tame Aardwolf
Tame Aardwolf
I don't recommend

After playing a lot of Starcraft 2 and then switching to Dota, I am having a lot of fun with this game. It's fast, micro-intensive and feels like it has a lot of potential. I am having a lot of fun trying out the different rigs and all the different skills and playstyles that come with it. I am not having any trouble with matchmaking, and always find games (1v1) very fast. The game looks great and feels very polished already. I am also liking the music and the voice acting a lot. Definitely one of the better Early Access games I have played so far. I am looking forward to all the new content from a developer team that seems very involved with the community.

Informal Sailfish
Informal Sailfish
I recommend

Listen, I'm an RTS gamer, through and through. Total Annihilation was my game way back when (and now of course Spring and Supreme Commander, etc.) So don't get me wrong, this game isn't, per se, an RTS, but rather a hybrid MOBA with RTS elements. Now, I've always liked the *idea* of a MOBA - all the excitement and micromanagement of an RTS, without the scattered focus, complexity, and resource management. Just for a change, you know? But every time I've tried one, it's been awful. Tons of grinding or $$$ required to compete, irrational last hitting nonsense, weird social games with your teammates, blah blah blah. So I'd written them off entirely. But this game? This game is THE MOBAish RTSish for RTS gamers (and probably for MOBA fans too, but I wouldn't know). It's got: - Cool characters (and quite diverse to boot! You go developers!) who are all fun to play - Contol three characters at once, so you still get that map-controlling element and the multitasking - No computer-controlled critters on your team to herd (but tons of neutral ones!) - Properly sized map for the characters (you can tell this game was made by RTS nuts) - Enough abilities/synergy to lend a very good strategic complexity (I'm coming for you, flamethrower cheesers!) - Fast games (exactly 15 minutes) that are super-tense and don't drag. - In-battle research tree that's just the right size for the game length. - Pretty cool out-of-battle upgrade/leveling system that, fingers crossed, so far seems fair and not aimed at huge $$$ spends. So if you like RTSes, but always wanted to give MOBAs a shot, you can't, in my opinion, do any better than Dropzone. Great game so far!

Due Sailfish
Due Sailfish
I recommend

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