Don't open the doors!
Don't open the doors!

Don't open the doors!

Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG
Claymation action adventure in an odd world of talking pumpkins, blue trees and stuff like that.
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Claymation action adventure in an odd world of talking pumpkins, blue trees and stuff like that.
buy 2.19$10.99$
Offer will be valid for another 17 hours
Release Date11 ноября 2016 г.
DevelopersAnton Riot and Co
PublishersAnton Riot
OSMac, Windows
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Single-playerSteam AchievementsFull controller supportSteam Trading Cards

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99.9%positive feedback
Updated 15.04.2024
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  • OS: Leopard 10.5.8 or later.
  • Processor: 1.7 GHz Dual Core or Greater
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 256 MB OpenGL 2.0 compatible graphics card
  • Storage: 1 GB available space

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Don't open the doors!

" is a claymation action adventure in an odd world of talking pumpkins, blue trees and stuff like that.

The city is in danger! The doors came out of nowhere. Everything near them began to talk and almost everything tried to eat you. Solving this problem is no sweat: you only have to find the Main super door and blast it with a super megabomb. As a real hero, you'll have to handle it yourself. However, everything is sure to go haywire!

Game features:
  • An open clayworld: explore it and face different challenges;
  • Odd, talking characters: conversations with mushrooms, bugs, pumpkins etc. will be your common practice;
  • A destructible environment: with a huge hammer in hand, you'll have no chance to be bored;
  • Traps, secrets, bosses. There are no tedious places behind the doors;
  • Out of pop corn gun ammo? Search for cornfields. Looking for a healing compote? Pick some berries!
  • Everything is made from plasticine. Over 8000 photos and an enormous number of editing hours. The game is entirely hand made!
Screenshot №1 from game Don't open the doors!Screenshot №2 from game Don't open the doors!Screenshot №3 from game Don't open the doors!

Reviews about the game

Don't open the doors!14.11.2016

Well... It was nice. 10 hours and I had beaten this game 100% (not all achivements though). You know, nowadays it is rare to me, to actually finish the game. Usually it is too long, with not so engaging story, and lots of fetch quests. This game on the other hand, was fun, was fresh, and, dare i say, was "handcrafted" (see, what I did here? ^_^) Closest analogy, that I can think of this game - is mix between Bastion and Neverhood. Creator of this game do not shame themselfs from this comparisson, proudly wearing "badge of honor", on their sleeve. Hell - they even made one of the optional "door" levels - full reference to Bastion. Lets now talk about pros and cons. (+ and -), as I see them. - Probably poor control scheme on keybord. I used controller, and had lots of fun, but some fights and "dodge puzzles" will be probably be hard without fluid movement. - Story ends abruptly, and lacks "impact", in comparison to whole "crazy journey", that is leading to it. It's not because it is bad, but because game world is bright, colourful and funny. If I would give any advise to developers - I'd said to make like several minutes long animation film, and give it as an "end prize". (I know, that this requires work and time, but without it, I cant think of any possibility to make ending of this game feel "good", or like an actual end.) - There is no "full completion" bonus, and some side quest reward just appear in game later down the line. I got at least several of armors/helmets/weapons, in quantity higher then 1. I suppose it's fine, but I just wanted even more content, I gues. - Some in-level passes closes behind you. Not a generally bad thing, because it allows "different routs" for beating levels, but still annoyed me from time to time (cause I tried to look at all available to me nooks and crannies) + Fixed camera angle. This is actually wery good, because not only whole game looks super nice, but also there are a lots of "secrets", that use this camera angle thing. + Difficulty. It is well balanced (for controller at least). At no point in game was I frustrated, overwhelmed, or needed to "grind" anything. I died several times on bosses and some "puzzles", but was not mad at game of control sheme at any time. Nicely done. + Visuals - 10/10 (and some warm fluffy thing on top of the score) + Humor. Game doesn't take itself too seriously, or too unseriously, creating fun "living" world, that you can totally belive in. + Music. As I am gettig things - it was specialy made to this game, enlarging game experience even more. + No need to "open all doors", to beat game - so around of 70% of the game is optional. Also, there are several ways to complete like hath of the quests, which is super nice, and allows you to play "your way". All in all - I do recoment this game, to buy and play. It is not "the new" Bastion, or Undertale, but a good game non the less.

Large Wombat
Large Wombat
I recommend
Don't open the doors!12.11.2016

Talking about this game I can't but look back to the Neverhood, as it has been the symbol of using clay in gamedev so far. But not anymore! Meet a new claymotion leader - Don't open the doors! This game has been made by a single person! Really, just think about that, guys! Such a huge, colourful and funny world was made by one single man! Isn't that freaking awesome?! Well, even is it had been made by a bloody army of developers, it's great anyway. Ok, emotions aside, what I like about this game most of all: + Tasty clay world; + Living environment: everything is moving, talking and can be smashed; + Good humour; + Exciting quests and hardcore challenges. What I don't like: - It's not easy to move diagonally using keyboard, but I guess it's an inevitable problem is case of wasd controls; SUMMING UP: Don't you even dare to doubt - just buy the game, try it and fall in love with it! Besides, the price is very attractive!

Literary Donkey
Literary Donkey
I recommend
Don't open the doors!23.11.2016

Amazing hand-made game. A lot of humor, action, puzzles and real plasticine. This game can be called a plasticine bastion if you look on gameplay. So yes, I like it and recommend for all.

Nearby Ferret
Nearby Ferret
I recommend
Don't open the doors!01.01.2017

This is definitely worth a try. But mostly a "buy when on sale" game. The main aspect that I like for this game is how unique and original the world looks.

Foreign Lion
Foreign Lion
I recommend
Don't open the doors!25.02.2018

Ah, claymation videogames... There's something very special about them. After the [b]SNES[/b] titles like [b]ClayFighter[/b] and [b]Claymates[/b], people fell in love with the idea. Just because clay has an unique effect. Something that makes things to feel absolutely different. So, when [b]Doug TenNapel[/b] (an artist with an absolutely unique style, creator of [b]Earthworm Jim[/b]) made his own claymation game called [b]The Neverhood[/b] (that started a short series of claymation games in different genres), it was a blast. [b]Doug TenNapel[/b]'s style mixed with clay... it was something. Even today, when people hear the word “claymation”, they think about [b]The Neverhood[/b]. After [b]Doug TenNapel[/b] and his team released the first game in [b]The Neverhood[/b] series back in [b]1996[/b], people became obsessed with clay and wanted more, but... for some reason even today there's only a few of such games. There were [b]Russian[/b] attempts to make their own [b]Neverhood[/b] ([b]Operation "Plasticine"[/b], [b]Last Year's Snow Was Falling[/b] and [b]Tanita: A Plasticine Dream[/b]), there were some very charming indie titles in different genres (episodic adventure game called [b]The Dream Machine[/b], scrolling shooter series [b]Platypus[/b], platformer called [b]NUX[/b], a puzzle platformer [b]The Swapper[/b], action-adventure [b]The Deadly Tower of Monsters[/b], a [b]Kirby[/b] game from [b]Nintendo[/b] and even the official spiritual successor of [b]The Neverhood[/b] called [b]The Armikrog[/b]), but that's pretty much it. Only a few developers wanted to work with clay. Claymation is tricky, claymation is expensive and... well... it takes a lot of work and talent. And yet, some people do care. Care enough to try. So, here comes [b]Don't open the doors![/b] [b]Don't open the doors![/b] is another [b]Russian[/b] game. Which isn't really a big surprise. Just because [b]Russians[/b] love claymation. Back in the [b]USSR[/b] times there was a lot of amazing claymation cartoons on the [b]TV[/b] and I guess obsession with clay is in the [b]Russian[/b] blood by now. So... yeah. In this case we have another [b]Russian[/b] game. Indie this time. But don't worry! Unlike many other [b]Russian[/b] developers in [b]Steam[/b], [b]Anton Riot[/b] and his friends are not scam. The first thing you should know about [b]Don't open the doors![/b] is that it's a proper, somewhat long, fully working game. It's not “[i]just for quick money[/i]” kind of stuff, OK? Another thing about [b]Don't open the doors![/b] is that it's actually... some sort of action [b]RPG[/b]. Which, unlike its country of origin, [i]is[/i] a surprise. I mean, think about it. We had adventure games, we had platformers, we had [b]SHMUP[/b]s, [i]but[/i] the only claymation [b]RPG[/b] I know is [b]Hylics[/b], and it is more like [b]JRPG[/b] kind of stuff. While here we have third person action [b]RPG[/b] with puzzles. In other words, something that we didn't really have before. And personally, I think that it's enough to recommend this title. I mean, we live in times when there's rarely something new. Obviously, something that we didn't have before worth checking. But even if we'll put all that aside, [b]Don't open the doors![/b] is pretty interesting game. Interesting as is, without any “buts”. You can clearly see that [b]Anton Riot[/b] tried to imitate [b]Doug TenNapel[/b] here, but... he did it right. I mean, you won't feel like setting and visuals here are trying to steal something from [b]The Neverhood[/b] series. It feels more like [b]Anton Riot[/b] loved [b]The Neverhood[/b] and tried to capture the same mood in his game. And it worked. It totally did. A world full of weird dumb people, talking pumpkins and evil doors... [b]Don't open the doors![/b] sure looks and feels unique. This game is something you won't quickly forget even if you won't really like it. Which, unfortunately, can actually happen. Just because, even though this game is pretty nicely made and feels somewhat comfortable to play, it's unpolished as hell. Even the game's main concept can work against it. Let me explain. As I said, [b]Don't open the doors![/b] is an action [b]RPG[/b] game. Your main weapon will be a hammer, on your way you'll find some ranged weapon and... there's also bombs. Different kinds of bombs. And every bomb have its own purpose. Mushroom bombs will blow up the mushrooms, pumpkin bombs will blow up the pumpkins, etc. Sounds like a lot of fun, even [b]Zelda[/b]-like fun, but unfortunately, bombs are laughably hard to get. Which ruins the whole idea. Make bombs easy to get (like in [b]Zelda[/b] games) and this game will be like [b]100x[/b] times more entertaining. But as is, you'll stuck a lot because of all that. Here's an example. You need to finish a test where you're closed in a room with evil mushroom. You plant your only bomb and... miss. Bang! You're locked inside of the room, you're out of bombs, there's no way to get more, you can't defeat your enemy (your regular attacks won't do you any good) and can't exit either. The end. The only way to deal with such situations is to exit and restart from your last save (I must add that in this game you can't even save where you want, you're supposed to look for special places, or wait for autosave, which happens rarely). Obviously, it sucks and ruins the whole thing. It's just a single example, but the worst thing is that this kind of things happens a lot in this game. The worst thing about [b]Don't open the doors![/b] is that it's pretty much a guessing experience. It feels a lot like those guide-oriented games from the past. “[i]Look for the final room. It's somewhere in the overworld[/i]”. [i]Somewhere[/i]. That's how this game works. It's a trial and error kind of stuff. And man, I hate such things. It's not [i]that[/i] bad, though. Even though the complete playthrough will probably take you about [b]5[/b]-[b]10[/b] hours, [b]Don't open the doors![/b] isn't really big. There's only a few locations, there's only a few side quests, etc. So, if you'll take some time to try, you [i]will[/i] find the stuff you want. And still, it's not the best thing ever. Far from it. Another bad thing in this game is humor. [b]The Neverhood[/b] had a charm. This game has it too, but very often you just can't help but feel that it's from [b]Russia[/b]. Just because cheap [b]Russian[/b] humor is extremely... cheap. And ugly. [b]Don't open the doors![/b] isn't on [b]Dead Ivan[/b] level, of course, and yet, it's freakin' [b]Andrei Belyanin[/b] again and again here. Which is instant no to everybody with at least some taste. Are you [i]tasty?[/i] You won't like the humor here. And the fact that [b]English[/b] translation also isn't the best one out there adds to the problem too. So, what's in conclusion? Does this game worth checking? Sure thing. Is it only because of claymation and weirdness? We-e-ell... probably yes. Even though [b]Don't open the doors![/b] looks great and overall is pretty nicely made, it's still pretty punishing and unfair experience. The biggest [b]Anton Riot[/b]'s mistake here is that he overthought a little. Turn [b]Don't open the doors![/b] into a casual relaxing experience and it'll be extremely fun. Instead, the game punish you and make you stuck in the most basic things with no reason whatsoever. In other words, it's not really a good [i]game[/i]. Not really the bad one, but... not a good one either. It's jut a meh indie [b]RPG[/b]. So, yeah, the whole thumb up thing is pretty much because of the clay and weirdness. And yet, it's a thumb up from me.

Key Cicada
Key Cicada
I recommend
Don't open the doors!08.12.2016

The combat is clunky, the controls unresponsive, the resources are very limited and most of then spawn once, plus most enemies (even the more annoying) dont drop anything useful when dead. Projectile enemies can infinitely stunlock you (most enemies really), and the absurd difficulty spikes on certain spots turn the experience into trial and error only, The more you play the more unfair bullcr@p the game throws at you. The art style and absurd story are the only good things i can salvage from this game. Do not buy

Handsome Caterpillar
Handsome Caterpillar
I don't recommend

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