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'dEskape' is a base-building game which sits across the bottom of your desktop allowing you to work, browse, or watch something else while you play. It's idle when you like and active when you want.
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'dEskape' is a base-building game which sits across the bottom of your desktop allowing you to work, browse, or watch something else while you play. It's idle when you like and active when you want.
buy 9.99$
Offer will be valid for another 17 hours
Release Date20 сентября 2023 г.
DevelopersThe Evergloom Team
PublishersThe Evergloom Team
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99.9%positive feedback
Updated 24.05.2024
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  • OS: Windows 7/8/9/10/11
  • Processor: i5 4500k / Ryzen 5 2600
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Dedicated Graphics Recommended
  • Storage: 1 GB available space

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From the team that made Desktopia comes 'dEskape': a new world to build, manage, and defend at the bottom of your desktop!

At its core, 'dEskape' is a base-building game which sits across the bottom of your desktop allowing you to work, browse, or watch something else while you play. It's idle when you like and active when you want.

Like any base-builder, you get to make the big decisions while taking control of your own laser shooting, resource-collecting character whose only objective is repairing their broken ship and getting off the dark and dreary rock onto which they've crashed.

  • A completely original approach in PC gaming: designed with functionality in mind, 'dEskape' allows you to use your PC for multiple purposes on a single monitor.
  • Clever UI: with resizeable pop-out windows which can be arranged anywhere on your screen, including a radar, log and build menu.
  • A playable character which you can level up allowing you to jump into the action whenever you want.
  • Mystical, weather and lighting effects that are a delight for the eyes.
  • A fully circular planet: keep walking one way and you'll arrive back home.
  • A high-power active mode where resources are plentiful but so are the enemies, and a low-power idle mode for when your attention is elsewhere..
  • From nothing but the ruins of your ship: construct the infrastructure to escape the planet and build a truly massive base.
  • Construct a range of facilities (factories, research labs, alien technology, mystical crops) and watch as storage creatures and aliens take up residence around your base.
  • Wander away from the safety of your base to find resources and crashed resource pods.
  • Research strange creatures and use them to create new and powerful resources.
  • Construct droids, level them up, give them new skills, and take them out into the dark to collect resources, and destroy the dangerous blood hives that are attracted to your industry.
  • Research new weapon types, and wield them against the dark creatures which try to steal your light.
Screenshot №1 from game dEskapeScreenshot №2 from game dEskapeScreenshot №3 from game dEskape

Reviews about the game


Yeah, uhm. This game was not ready for release. This game is suffering from stutters every "day" as it handles the occasional tick of creature spawns, even early on when usually nothing spawns anyway. This game says it wants dedicated graphics. However, this game is basically just a bunch of Javascript running in a Chromium process, and there isn't a "--type=gpu-process" child process on this game. In less techno-speak - this is a game that runs in Chrome (a notorious memory hog) and is using your CPU to render the admittedly simple graphics instead of the GPU that the game is demanding. Everyone complaining that the game is taking up CPU, that's your cause - the CPU is busy pushing pixels to the screen, rather than letting the dedicated hardware handle that. This game *allegedly* is something that should just exist, taking up a portion of your screen as you do other things. But because it sucks back so much CPU, the other processes on the machine start having their own issues as well. I have this running alongside Cell to Singularity, an idle Unity game (I have a problem, I admit) that is more graphically complex than dEskape, by virtue of having actual 3D models that need to be rendered. Cell to Singularity uses roughly 3% of my Intel Core i9 12900K, and roughly 2% of my RTX 3080 Ti. dEskape is gobbling down anywhere from 15 to 20% of my CPU and 8% of my GPU (likely in trying to copy video data from CPU to GPU). This "browser" game is woefully unoptimized. And all of the above are just the performance issues, nothing to do with the *gameplay*. Dealing with the enemy is like playing whack-a-mole, hurriedly rushing from one end of your camp to the other, trying to shoot down the hives before they grow far too strong. Heck, in writing this review, a hive spawned and *grew to level 6* - removing these is a relatively urgent threat, even in "low" where they don't send attack parties. Both of the starting weapons - the rifle and the shotspray - are *awful* to use. You're locked into shooting your shot for roughly a second - no more shots, no moving. I can forgive the shotgun for having a poor firerate, but the "rifle" is basically a distinct *downgrade* from that. You get maybe 2.5x the range on the rifle than you do the shotspray, but at that point you're frequently just firing into the dark anyway. The unlocked weapon pattern, the sprayer, mitigates most of the issues I have with combat... but *it suffers from accuracy issues*, and I'm not simply talking about how it fires randomly in a cone. Your cursor dictates one edge of that cone, rather than the center, so you're either shooting too high aiming left, or too low aiming right. If you pay close attention at around the 27 second mark in the trailer, you can see the person has to explicitly aim low in order to shoot correctly. Oh, and the default weapon shots travel at a *glacial* speed, requiring you to lead your shots when taking down the bat that flies around. I feel like it takes far too much effort trying to get that thing, even having to chase it down outside my base. Also, it's a good thing I've played Desktopia, because I remembered how the "main gameplay window" was locked to the bottom of the primary screen, but you could move it around by dragging the bottom left corner, and allow resizing by hitting F1. WHERE WAS THAT CONTROL HINT? Desktopia's help menu was far more useful than the Journal we've got here. Also, god forbid you want to shrink it vertically - the resource readout on the left expects you to have a specific height of window. Any less, and it starts flowing off the bottom. And while I'm on the topic of resizing - the game itself is expecting a specific ratio already; it looks like it was designed to be played on ultrawide monitors (judging from the photos provided by Evergloom at the top of the page). If you happen to have a "normal" 16:9 monitor, well you're gonna get letterboxed. Heck, it looks like it's intended for a 3440x1440 monitor *specifically*, because moving it to my secondary 2560x1080 monitor (still 21:9 ultrawide!) has it letterboxing, just because of the earlier-mentioned specific-size resource readout! I just have one final thing to say. Evergloom, did you ACTUALLY PLAY THE GAME before releasing it? Did you try it on other machines? Did you not look at the resource usage at all? I was looking forward to this game. I wanted a sci-fi settlement building idle game. I'd played Desktopia and found it playable. The adjustable interface layout with the extra windows intrigued me. But dEskape's implementation is particularly lacking.

New Peafowl
New Peafowl
I don't recommend

This game is in Alpha right now with unplayable fps past early game....which takes you several hours to realize and by that time it's too late for a refund. STAY AWAY UNTIL FPS IS RESOLVED - IF EVER. sad but true

Salty Possum
Salty Possum
I don't recommend

I have a beefy machine, not top of the line, but plays anything I want on decent or top settings. This game bogs down to the point of being unplayable.

Modest Cricket
Modest Cricket
I don't recommend

Right now I definitely cannot recommend this game. As many others have mentioned the insane frame rate drop during late game renders the game almost unplayable. There is a lot of stuttering and freezing. There also needs to be a lot of QoL changes such as showing which buildings produce which materials. It's said in the description but materials are denoted mostly by icons and there is no indicator of which icon represents which material aside from collecting said material and seeing which number increases. There also needs to be some sort of tracking system for material production so you can tell how much of each material you are producing per second/minute/whatever. There's also a pollution counter and no indication of how much pollution is bad, so just keep stacking it I guess? As it stands, this is more suited to a $5 Alpha/Early Access release.

Anxious Kiwi
Anxious Kiwi
I don't recommend

Game isn't enough fun to tolerate the poor performance. I should have listened to the other reviews saying this game isn't ready for release, they were correct.

Social Constrictor
Social Constrictor
I don't recommend

Kind of amazed at how highly rated this game is... As others have pointed out, the concept is really cool. The problem is in the implementation. For a game that should be fairly simple, it has staggeringly bad performance issues. In trying to find any sort of debug log to try and see if my performance problems were due to some sort of cascading error, the only thing I could find was a debug.log with a grand total of 3 lines after having been playing for several hours. From what I could tell, the performance problem (at least for me) is that a) this game does not appear to be multi-threaded and b) it is persistently maxing out the core it does run on. No, this is not an issue with a weak machine- it can handle Starfield (with extra stuff going on on both my other monitors, yes I'm a multitasker) better than it can handle this game with nothing else open. Long story short, fun concept, decently implemented, but with ZERO optimization.

Regional Halibut
Regional Halibut
I don't recommend

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