Asteroid Bounty Hunter
Asteroid Bounty Hunter

Asteroid Bounty Hunter

Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPG
Asteroid Bounty Hunter is a space shooter mixed with interesting boss fights and breathtaking visuals, with a reward system to take your skill to another level.
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Asteroid Bounty Hunter is a space shooter mixed with interesting boss fights and breathtaking visuals, with a reward system to take your skill to another level.
buy 10.99$
Offer will be valid for another 17 hours
Release Date24 февраля 2016 г.
PublishersSA Industry
OSMac, Linux, Windows
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Single-playerSteam AchievementsFull controller supportSteam Trading CardsCaptions availableSteam CloudStatsSteam Leaderboards

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Updated 22.05.2024
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  • OS: Mac OS X 10.10.3
  • Processor: Intel dual core 2.0 Ghz
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: 512 MB or higher
  • Storage: 3 GB available space
  • OS: Mac OS X 10.10.4
  • Processor: Intel dual core 2.4 Ghz
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: 1GB or higher
  • Storage: 3 GB available space

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Ready to take the wheel old geezer?

Asteroid Bounty Hunter is a space shooter, with a lot more in store than simply blowing up asteroids. The story follows our hero John, who is a veteran, trying to do amends in his screw up life and he only has his space ship AI, who still cares about him. The story latter unfolds some pretty interesting things about John, his life and his relationship with stuff around him.

The game itself is based on a dodging/blowing up stuff, but that quickly falls in background picture, since you have to outmaneuver the enemy, who are constantly changing. Your job is to save planets from incoming asteroids, while taking care of your affairs with other bounty hunters.

  • unique boss fights with different difficulty levels
  • defend the nearby planets from vicious asteroids attacks
  • battle other bounty hunters

The concept of the game is to farm experience, so you can unlock new upgrades. You can collect mastery points from other bounty hunter ships to unlock new ships. If you find yourself unable to progress the game, you can always come back to earlier levels and farm experience, which you can use to make limitless upgrades for you ship. Each new level brings a quest with an unique one time ship upgrade, so use it wisely.

  • over 100 different size and texture asteroids, flying towards the planets
  • 5 different types of bounty hunters, exchanging whole game trying to kill you
  • 5 different bosses, each having completely unique mechanic

Your ship 4 unique abilities

  • Basic attack - limited to 3 energy particles on screen
  • Photon swarm - more powerful - giant balls of energy spinning and crushing everything ahead, it has 3 charges stored on ship
  • Death ray - laser cutting asteroids like it's a knife going through butter, it has significantly larger cool down, so use it wisely
  • Final blast - ultimate attack - sends a missile with a shape of a phoenix to the center of the screen and blowing everything hostile in 360' area. The cool down is 60 seconds, so in a way you're limited to 1-2 use per level.

There is two types of upgrades. You can make global upgrades in shipyard or ability upgrade in upgrade center.


There is limitless ship upgrade points, which you can spend on:

  • global shield durability
  • global abilities cool down
  • global damage increase

Player get upgrade point for each level up. To level up you need to get specified amount of experience by destroying hostile ships or asteroids. When we say limitless, we think limitless... there is no player level cap.

Those upgrades applies to all ships in shipyard no mater which is selected.


There is 6 different upgrades, each counting 20 points to spend.

  • Shield durability (max shield value)
  • Shield regeneration rate
  • Basic attack damage upgrade
  • Photon swarm damage upgrade
  • Death ray damage upgrade
  • Final blast damage upgrade

There is 5 different ships in shipyard each having an unique passive bonus. Those bonuses are added to global and abilities upgrades. If you manage to unlock the special ship, you'll get all the bonuses.

  • No bonus
  • Shield durability bonus %
  • Cool down bonus %
  • Damage bonus %
  • Shield, CD and damage bonus %
  • amazing space graphics and ambient
  • high resolution planets and stars
  • advanced GUI with customizable preferences which include controls (controller support), graphics and audio
Screenshot №1 from game Asteroid Bounty HunterScreenshot №2 from game Asteroid Bounty HunterScreenshot №3 from game Asteroid Bounty Hunter

Reviews about the game

Asteroid Bounty Hunter09.11.2017

Asteroid Bounty Hunter + MOBA like abilities + Amazing soundtrack + Challenging gameplay + Simplistic upgrading system - Silly story Asteroid Bounty Hunter is a solid 2D space shooter with a silly story. Its gameplay is amusing and fresh even if it comes off as very simplistic. The soundtrack and graphics in the game are beautiful to the eyes and ears. This game delivers on challenge as well as being original in its own way, it even manages to try and implement new ideas that I personally have not seen before in this genre like an efficient upgrading system and MOBA like ability use. You will have an absolute blast from beginning to end!

Controversial Dinosaur
Controversial Dinosaur
I recommend
Asteroid Bounty Hunter29.01.2017

The title of this game basically tells you what this game is about: destroying asteroids as a bounty hunter. The story begins with an alcoholic loser named John. Despite having a messed-up life, he has the skill to shoot down asteroids with his ship known as Karma. The narrative is short on substance and the 2D cutscenes look cheesy and uninspired. The story’s lack of substance made me feel like the story is not that important. After the introduction to the story the game introduces you to the gameplay. The gameplay is a 2D space shooter in which your ship is in space taking on asteroids of all shapes and sizes frighteningly moving from right to left. The shapes of the asteroids range include rocks, lava looking, and liquid crystal looking asteroids. Shooting the large asteroids breaks them down to smaller ones. I thought that the gameplay would include powerups, but there are none. The gameplay is about farming your experience points and the game puts your experience points to good use with its upgrade system. The upgrade system is very easy to use and understand, but that does not mean that this game is easy in any way. There are four weapons available to use and the gameplay is very hard even at easy. Therefore, the game becomes insanely hard at the hard difficulty mode. I quickly learned that it is important to micromanage the four weapons and know when to use each weapon, especially during the hectic situations. Final blast, the most powerful weapon, can only be used sparingly in a level because of the long cooldown period. Therefore, you have use the fourth and most powerful weapon when you feel like you are about to be overwhelmed. Each level is complicated by the rival bounty hunters that join the asteroids. They have different patterns of attack and they must be defeated quickly before you get overwhelmed. You must use experience points to upgrade your character and your ships. The main objective is to shoot down a fixed number of asteroids. As you advance from one level to the next, you must destroy a larger number of asteroids to survive. Every fifth level includes a boss battle. Each boss battle is very challenging and they offer different patterns of attacks. I had to study their patterns of attacks very carefully. In addition, your defense is as important as your offense. If you rely too much on your attacks against the bosses, they will tear your defense too shreds in a hurry. If you feel like a boss is too difficult to defeat you can replay a prior level so that you can farm more XP to build your player level and mastery level for your shipyard. Bounty hunters leave behind green balls for you to pick up so that you can improve your mastery level. There is no penalty for letting asteroids get by you and sometimes you must do that in the most chaotic situations. However, after finishing all 25 levels and farming my experience points at player level 250 for a Steam achievement, the game felt repetitive. Therefore, I do not think there is much replay value after reaching a high player level and a high ship mastery level. I was hoping for mouse support for this game, but I was satisfied with the keyboard controls. The keyboard controls are well mapped for the directional movements of the ship and for the use of the ship’s weapons. Graphically, the game looks gorgeous. There is a lot of brightness on the moving planets and the asteroids look diverse enough as you progress from one level to the next. Each level also looks different enough than the previous. The planets look different in each level. I did not find any graphical glitches. Your attacks with beams, rays, and missiles all look beautiful while your enemy bounty hunters are also firing their weapons. The music is a part of every level and every battle of the game and fits in with the game quite nicely. All songs are from the dance electronic genre. One good addition to the music of the game is the ability to add your own music. However, you are limited to only .ogg music files. It would have been better if the game had allowed more music file formats. Asteroid Bounty Hunter is a decent 2D space shooter with a simplistic upgrade system, but very challenging gameplay, even at the easiest difficulty mode. The story is lame and ridiculous. The background of each level in space is beautiful and the soundtrack is immersive. If you like dance electronic music, you will like the music in every level of the game. However, the replay value eventually wears down after farming enough experience points. It took me about 10 hours of playing to level up to player level 267. There are probably better space shooters on the market, but I think that this game is worth a try if you like shooting down asteroids and improving your abilities by using RPG features. My Score: 6.5/10

Past Mite
Past Mite
I recommend
Asteroid Bounty Hunter01.06.2017

Asteroid Bounty Hunter is a 2D side scrolling shoot-em-up taking place in space. Developed by Just1337. Players will adventure across the galaxy fighting off bounty hunters and asteroids. The gameplay of Asteroid Bounty Hunter consists of dodging projectiles and destroying asteroids and enemy ships. Player will have 3 weapons at their disposal excluding their primary cannon. Each weapon differs from one another, and has their own upsides and downsides. Players can upgrade their ship and weapons to deal with harder levels. Players can play any level on various difficulties, and various modifiers to accumulate more experience. Asteroid Bounty Hunter does a few things right: * Extremely easy achievements * Fun/Simple game * Entertaining cutsceens * Varity in level design Asteroid Bounty Hunter does some things wrong: * Buggy * Slow/Basic story * Lack of variety of weapons * Not overly replayable Asteroid Bounty Hunter isn't a bad game, in fact, it's one of those rare small indie games that actually has some substance. At the cost of $3.29CDN, and almost always on sale, it's a fantastic "one and done" game, as well as a great game to 100%.

Helpless Ermine
Helpless Ermine
I recommend
Asteroid Bounty Hunter04.05.2016

The game looked very cool. I played for 12 minutes and couldn't take it anymore. The spelling mistakes and typos are nonstop. The voice acting is unmentionably bad. You have to hear it to really appreciate how bad it is. The whole game feels like the designers didn't care one bit what they were doing or how it'd feel to its players, and it shows because they didn't even bother to proofread anything. Even though it was $2.19 on sale, because they can't be bothered to read their own menus and subtitles I can't be bothered to give them two dollars. Refund is processing now.

Striking Primate
Striking Primate
I don't recommend
Asteroid Bounty Hunter19.05.2021

This game is very annoying and frustrating to beat, the amount of time and effort it took just to beat it and get all the achievements was very annoying but. The game is also very old and under-dated, sometimes when I broke the asteroids they would just clip through me.

Very Centipede
Very Centipede
I don't recommend
Asteroid Bounty Hunter16.07.2016

I'm surprised this grind fest doesn't include microtransactions. It has the bullshit hockey stick ramp up in difficulty levels those types of game use to make you choose between hours of grinding or paying for a chance to get to the next insane level. If you buy it on sale, it's good for a few hours of mindless fun and a ton of free indie music. Do yourself a favor and quit around level 16 rather than grind your way to fighting Lynda.

Grieving Stingray
Grieving Stingray
I don't recommend

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