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3DMark is for gamers, overclockers and system builders who want to get more out of their hardware. With its wide range of benchmark tests, 3DMark has everything you need to test your PC's performance.
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3DMark is for gamers, overclockers and system builders who want to get more out of their hardware. With its wide range of benchmark tests, 3DMark has everything you need to test your PC's performance.
buy 34.99$
Offer will be valid for another 17 hours
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Updated 16.06.2024
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  • OS:Windows 10, 64-bit
  • Processor:1.8 GHz dual-core
  • Memory:4GB RAM
  • Graphics:DirectX 11*
  • Storage:2.9 GB space to install Time Spy only

Please refer to the DLC pages for the system requirements for each individual benchmark test. All the currently supported benchmarks and feature tests in 3DMark are compatible with Windows 11.

* You can use 3DMark to test DirectX 9 and DirectX 10 compatible hardware, but you will need a DirectX 12 compatible video card to run all of the tests. DirectX 9 hardware needs Shader Model 3.0 support, 128MB video card memory and WDDM 1.1 drivers.

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PC gaming is a quest for performance, a never-ending cycle of upgrading, overclocking, and tweaking your system for faster frame rates, higher resolutions, and better quality visual effects.

3DMark is essential equipment for this quest. For more than 20 years, 3DMark has been the first choice for benchmarking, testing, and comparing PC performance.

There'll always be a new game that demands more performance from your hardware. And there'll always be new hardware that delivers more performance for your games. And so the cycle continues. Welcome to 3DMark, the Gamer's Benchmark.

3DMark includes everything gamers need to benchmark and compare PC performance. It has dedicated tests for all types of PC from lightweight laptops to dedicated desktops. 3DMark will recommend the best benchmark for your hardware.

3DMark tests your system's GPU and CPU performance by rendering extremely demanding game-like scenes in real time. The faster the benchmark runs, the better your score. Now your quest begins. What can you do to get a better score?

Start by comparing your 3DMark score with results from other systems with the same hardware. Lower than average scores may indicate a problem with cooling, configuration, or faulty components. Higher than average scores show the potential for overclocking your hardware. And if you’re wondering what your 3DMark score means for real-world game performance, 3DMark also shows you the frame rates you can expect in a selection of popular games.

Now see how much more performance you can get from your system. Update your drivers. Update Windows. Experiment with system settings. Run 3DMark after every change to track your progress. Identify bottlenecks in your system and compare 3DMark scores to help choose your next upgrade. Ask for advice, share tips, and show off your system in the 3DMark Community Hub on Steam.

Overclocking is an art that takes skill and precision. The goal is to squeeze every drop of performance out of your GPU and CPU. The reward is a free performance upgrade and the satisfaction of pushing your hardware beyond its stock performance.

3DMark is an essential tool for overclockers. Run 3DMark before and after overclocking to measure the performance gain. Use custom benchmark settings to explore your PC's performance limits. Make 3DMark tests more or less demanding by changing the resolution and other settings.

Run 3DMark Stress Tests to check the stability of your overclocks and the effectiveness of your cooling. 3DMark Stress Tests run in a loop to put your system under heavy load for longer than a standard benchmark run.

Challenge your friends to set the highest 3DMark score or compete for the top spot in the 3DMark Steam leaderboards.

If you love PC gaming, there's nothing better than building your own custom PC. And if you build it yourself, there's nothing more nerve-racking than turning it on for the first time. Will it boot? Will everything work properly? Whether you're building a complete system from scratch or upgrading a component, 3DMark has you covered.

Run 3DMark and compare your benchmark score with similar systems to make sure your new build is set up correctly. Detailed hardware monitoring charts show you how the CPU and GPU load, temperature, and clock speed changed during your benchmark run—ideal for identifying configuration issues.

Use 3DMark Stress Tests to check the stability of your system and discover faulty hardware while it's still under warranty. Stress testing is also a great way to test and optimize your system's cooling performance. A well-built PC with decent cooling should be able to deliver peak performance for the full duration of a 3DMark Stress Test.

3DMark can help when you are planning an upgrade as well. Search and compare benchmark results from all the latest graphics cards and processors on the 3DMark website to find the models that offer the best performance for your budget.

PC gaming never stands still and neither does 3DMark. Every year, we add new benchmarks, tests, and features. We update 3DMark regularly so that you can benchmark the latest PC gaming hardware. When you buy 3DMark today, you benefit from over nine years of continuous development, updates, and enhancements.

  • Speed Way — DirectX 12 Ultimate benchmark for gaming PCs
  • Time Spy — DirectX 12 benchmark for gaming PCs
  • Time Spy Extreme — 4K gaming benchmark with DirectX 12
  • Port Royal — Real-time ray tracing benchmark
  • Night Raid — DirectX 12 test for PCs with integrated graphics
  • Wild Life — Cross-platform benchmark for notebooks and tablets
  • Wild Life Extreme — Cross-platform test for notebooks and tablets
  • Fire Strike — DirectX 11 benchmark for gaming PCs
  • Fire Strike Extreme — DirectX 11 benchmark for gaming PCs
  • Fire Strike Ultra — 4K gaming with DirectX 11
  • GPU Stress Tests — Test the reliability and stability of your PC
  • CPU Profile — CPU benchmarks for modern processors
Feature tests
  • DirectX Raytracing feature test
  • Mesh Shader feature test
  • PCI Express feature test
  • Sampler Feedback feature test
  • VRS feature test
  • NVIDIA DLSS feature test
  • Intel XeSS feature test
  • AMD FSR feature test
  • Custom benchmark settings
  • Game performance estimates
  • Install tests independently
  • Skip benchmark demo option
  • Save results offline

DLC is purchased separately. It is not included in the base application.

  • Storage Benchmark — test the gaming performance of your SSD
  • Test your PC with Time Spy, Night Raid, and Fire Strike.
  • Other benchmarks, features, and settings are locked.
Screenshot №1 from game 3DMarkScreenshot №2 from game 3DMarkScreenshot №3 from game 3DMark

Reviews about the game


Paid for a full license, now after an update I no longer have a full license. They should advertise this as a subscription service.

Accessible Sparrow
Accessible Sparrow
I don't recommend

3DMark is an essential benchmarking tool for gamers and PC enthusiasts, providing comprehensive tests to gauge system performance. Its array of benchmarking tests, from graphics rendering to CPU stress, offers a thorough assessment of hardware capabilities. With detailed results and comparisons, it helps users optimize their systems for peak performance. The ability to measure performance across various platforms ensures its relevance for PC, laptop, and even mobile users. Whether you're overclocking, upgrading, or simply curious about your system's performance, 3DMark is an indispensable tool for measuring and improving gaming performance.

Subsequent Spider
Subsequent Spider
I recommend

If you just built your gaming PC and want to stress test it or compare scores to your friends, don't waste your money on this. It's a terrific tool in my arsenal and I've gotten more than my money's worth out of it, but if you don't know why you need it then you're probably best off running Unigine's Heaven and Superposition benchmarks for free. Other than that the software has been great and I have no major functional complaints.

Extraordinary Swordfish
Extraordinary Swordfish
I recommend

for the life of me I cannot see how to compare my results to others as others have mentioned which is the whole reason i got it. This used to be a lot friendlier program. How it became more difficult is beyond me.

Close Impala
Close Impala
I don't recommend

The Roman Empire was built on a foundation of governance and law, and similarly, 3DMark provides a structured environment where every PC can be judged fairly. Its standardized tests are the laws of the land, ensuring that every machine, from the humblest tablet to the mightiest gaming rig, receives a fair trial in the digital forum. Just as the Pax Romana brought peace and stability to the ancient world, the peace of mind that comes with knowing your PC’s capabilities cannot be overstated. Whether you’re a gamer seeking glory in the digital Colosseum or a creator sculpting the next masterpiece, 3DMark offers the assurance that your system can handle the trials ahead. The Roman Empire stood for centuries, its legacy enduring through the ages. 3DMark too has stood the test of time, evolving with each new generation of hardware. It remains the benchmark by which all others are measured, a testament to the enduring quest for performance perfection.

Friendly Marmot
Friendly Marmot
I recommend

does what it's supposed to do.. although kinda gets addictive (in a good way [i hope] pushing my pc to its limits is a different type of fun).

Joyous Wildcat
Joyous Wildcat
I recommend

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